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Trent Williams, Jimmy Garoppolo, Trent discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd


John Lynch became a GM. I worked with John Lynch. We literally went John. Lynch is the GM of the forty niners I'm in the building. He's an employee didn't leak. Emmanuel Sanders didn't leak. Jimmy Garoppolo from Bella check shocked. The world didn't leak. Trent Williams. Didn't leak. This is the way to do it. I knew the LA clippers. Really got their act together. They have public figures all over the organization Jerry. West is the Dan logo. Doc Rivers is a basketball coaching star Steve Balmer eccentric, verbal. They Trade Chris Paul. We join I come to like what. You hear about it then they get Paul George to play with glide. Nobody heard about it. There are leaky organizations in sports you know. Th the I mean let's be honest. The Cleveland Browns I think the new group won't be. The old group was. The jets are leaky the Lakers over the last seven eight years. I mean it's just a house that you gotTa have seven buckets around for all the league's everything leaks. It's the first sign. There are people fighting for themselves. And not organizations because when I was a reporter. I always look for the disgruntled employee. He would talk. She would talk. I always look for the recently fired employee the unhappy employees. You poke you poke your pride your pride, you find them. They talk because they were fired by somebody. It's not a united front are White House is not a united front. There's too many leaks. It's telling you, so the point is. The Trent William Situation? was. A classic example of they got Trent Williams because they didn't leak. Joe Staley was retiring and he knew he was retiring well before the draft and they didn't let it out. Whatever they did Joe Staley whatever they promised him whatever. Values they share. He didn't leak it. Let them get Trent. Williams Peter King. All play a bite from Peter King. Peter. King talked about this. Is The niners had this thing all setup remember Kyle Shanahan Mike Shanahan. They drafted Trent they nutrient. They. Figure this out and it just Peter King about week ago. How would you like you know forty eight or seventy two hours before the draft? They're informed that Joe Staley is GonNa. Retire so now. You thought going into this draft. You have thirteen thirty one. So what do they do? They go out and they get giovane kin lot right there. In the middle of the first round, they trade up a little bit and they go get brandon you. Who they said was the best receiver on their board, and then after that I thought what they did was absolutely tremendous. They take advantage of Trent Williams devaluation of Trent Williams in Washington desperation to get them out of their building, and they get a pro bowl left tackle. for about thirty eight cents on the dollar and the reason I talk about this is Trent Williams may have been the best free agent signing or draft pick this year. He may have more impact than any player and he was coming from Washington. Where here's the list of quarterbacks? He had at Washington. Declining Donovan mcnabb Rex Grossman John. Back rg three kirk cousins cult McCoy Alex Fists Mark Sanchez Josh Johnson now he goes to the niners in everybody's criticizing Jimmy Garoppolo at Trent, Williams, said yesterday Halo. If you see what I've played with I. Think Jimmy Garoppolo is awesome. Jimmy D, also accusing as proven. In this league. It's just hard. Find. Your quarterback is tough position and out. That's why you see contracts where they are having a quarterback that you knows. Make the rivalry right throw. That has to be at hassle. Allow you know. Give him a chance to sleep at night because you know having a guy to walk through the game away for. You know you put them in a best for this us with you. Just to show what people knocked on Jimmy, G. Join Iowa's laughed. He led Patrick Mahomes in the fourth quarter. The Super Bowl I. What are people talking about? What are you talking about? He missed on a throw. It's a super bowl. I come on Patrick. mahomes missed on planning the first three quarters, but think about the redskins. They had McVeigh. Shanahan Jay Gruden all those offensive guys. They could not get the quarterback right when you start banging on Jimmy Garoppolo folks, no hard. It is to find a quarterback who can gain in a super bowl in his first year as a starter Trent Williams season..

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