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Stormwater inspections and enforcement to push the state to clean up its act Michelle bash WTO news 7 48 Traffic and weather on the 8th year it's Jack in the traffic center Slowing in Virginia 95 going in the northbound direction trying to get into and through Fredericksburg We'd had some activity unfortunately up near the center port Parkway caused the delay The wreck though is now over on the shoulder Beyond it you'll slow Dale City going into woodbridge after the Prince William Parkway crash wasn't along the left side of the roadway New trouble 66 headed in the west bound direction just after four 95 the crash along the left side of the roadway Fairfax county Parkway north under 66 that rec last heard had been blocking the left lane You'll find 66 eastbound out in your business two 34 lane is now open but still slow the wreck has cleared Not least street going north after 29 you'd been getting by to the left side I think traffic is now stopped at the scene of the crash cleanup You will find in Maryland delays bellway topside outer loop from 95 over to Georgia avenue inner loop slowing now around saint Barnabas road headed down toward the Woodrow Wilson bridge the activity in hydesville was 50 east after two O two I think there's just some activity on the left shoulder now They'd re block the left lane after they moved everything out of the roadway 70 westbound getting much slower trying to get toward new market There is a crash reported up near 75 You'll find northbound Pennsylvania avenue before dower house road crash shouldered left travel lanes are now open to 70 slowing and fits and stops urbana down to one O 9 Germantown south toward Montgomery village avenue then we're building a delay on the southbound spur to get onto the outer loop We've got some slowing south on the BW Parkway off and on As you leave 100 passing 32 headed down toward one 97 there is a delay on the outer loop as you approach two O two headed toward four 50 but your travel lanes are reported open We'd had some major delays hopefully lanes open now I two 95 going north leaving laboratory road There was an earlier wreck after suitland Parkway in south capitol street had been blocking the center of the roadway Protect your home from the invisible destroyer termites call home paramount pest control for a free inspection 8 8 8 8 8 8 home or visit home paramount dot com Jack Taylor TOP traffic Our forecast now Mike's Jennifer that bright sun is hopefully we'll do its work today and warm things up a little Hey I really love better than yesterday Still seeing some little bit of sleet and light snow along in north of interstate 70 right now This is going to.

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