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Church. Also being reenacted in Boston. The time is running out to file your income tax return. But thanks to the patriots day holiday. You have a little bit more time to get that return in the deadline is midnight Wednesday. Well, there is a familiar name atop the leaderboard in the final round of Astor's. We get the latest now from Augusta National WBZ's Bubka just moments ago Tiger Woods with a two putt birdie at the fifteenth moves him to minus thirteen and. Yeah, right lead one shot. Back. Dustin Johnson one shot back, Dustin Johnsons and show. Flay? Brooks kept good in a bit of Bata. He's put two balls in the border at thirteen but I would leading here in round four from the masters. I'm bob. One forty nine on WBZ Boston University, professor is fired after a thirteen month investigation into allegations of sexual harassment. David Marshon a tenured professor of earth environmental science accused of sexual harassment during expeditions to Arctic that occurred twenty years ago, administrators dancing has termination saying the university is committed to maintaining a living and learning environment free from harassment of any kind. She's I am remains the number one movie in the US and Canada. The superhero film sells twenty five million dollars worth of tickets it second weekend in the theaters across North America. The comedy little is in second place with an estimated fifteen and a half billion dollar take in its debut weekend. Third-place hell boy taking in twelve billion dollars in its first week in the theaters rounding out the top five or the remake of Stephen king's pets. Jerry, followed by Disney's live action version of Dumbo, captain marvel finishing the week in sixth place. Some experts study oceans trouble by what's happening off the coast of Alaska, researchers who look at the northern bearing sea say they are seeing rapid changes that were predicted by climate models last winter there was record low sea-ice, but those changes were not expected until twenty fifty university of Alaska Fairbanks ocean refer Seth Danielson. I'm very concerned about this situation that it potentially impacts the likelihood of fishermen bearing sea is home to some of the largest fisheries in the world. Dave Schreiber ABC news game of thrones is back tonight. Some folks are asking why is it so popular CBS's Matt piper? Explain it hasn't been on HBO since the last season ended in August twenty seventeen. But it's here the eighth and final season of game of thrones. It airs at nine pm eastern and plays at that moment. No matter where in the world, you are. So in London it'll be on there at an Washington Post. Tv critic Hank Stewart explains why he thinks this show is so popular his always been allegorical. It has always had some kind of moral code. I think one of the great things about getting all that. And it can be as close as you want it to be or it can be.

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