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That's tuesday the next podcast comes out july nineteenth on thursday there is no reason in my mind why at that meeting we shouldn't be able to finalize everything and i should have everything for you and i will tell you the very beginning at the top of the podcast is not easy or anything exactly what's going down for the two hundred episode and if you're gonna be in new york you should be at this show and if you're not going to be in new york it's enough lead time now get to new york be at this show you can get tickets to run smack down and things like that through seatgeek and summer slammed through seatgeek so just be there for b here for let's celebrate the fact that sam roberts wrestling podcast will have made it two hundred episodes how many podcasts make it that far not too many two hundred by the way in a row we didn't miss any podcasts okay and we'll talk about this then but i did a podcast in the maternity ward within a couple of days after my wife had given birth last week we were in bruges in the middle of family vacation we did the podcast every single week a sam roberts wrestling pikis without fail and i love doing it and i love the support that you guys have shown me and i wanna be able to share that with you in person summer slim week and we'll do that okay i promise you we will do that and i will have the big update for you next week here on the podcast no more teases this isn't you know brought his clay is coming up next actually he's not this is real life this is happening okay not pro wrestling real speaking of pro wrestling and monday night raw a lot of people are talking about the fact that this week's episode of monday night raw had the worst ratings i believe ever let me see if i can get confirmation on that as we speak it had i believe that it's being reported that they were the worst ratings that rise has had i don't know if it's ever or yeah all time low total the total the wwe raw had this week was two point four seven million viewers it's down from two point seven zero seven million viewers last week two point five million in the eight o'clock hour two point five million in the nine o'clock hour two point three million in the ten o'clock hour okay so you know it's not like it's two point four seven is low but you know you're talking about an average throughout the year you know the may twenty seventh raw did two point four nine the may six raw did two point six eight the january eighth raw did two point seven six the june fourth rod in two point five to this one the low rating is at two point four seven million viewers which look we shouldn't be having all time lows right now but you know there's a lot of factors built in so you do have to look at the fact that you shouldn't be looking at raw for having an all time tv total right now because you just can't get people to watch tv in those numbers anymore on a weekly basis for a weekly show it's not gonna happen you're not gonna have you know eight point nine nine point oh it's crazy to think that that's going to happen that's not happening for for wwe shows and that doesn't reflect negatively on the product it just reflects on how people are consuming the product let's keep in mind when we talk about statistics and we talk about social media and the way people consume content wwe has one of the biggest channels on all of you to how many people do you know don't have cable and watch youtube all the time because i know a lot especially young people so you have to take that into consideration when we're all kids and we're watching raw we're watching our parents tv sets those are all ratings kids now when they watch raw they're doing it in clips on youtube they're doing it on hulu they're doing it wherever they're doing it you know and so there's that now even within the average the.

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