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Everyone is always expressing the concern that this is not assaultive -ly. Cheerful. Not as. To contextualize this a little bit on the on the classic nineteen seventy five Elba m- merry Christmas. From Sesame Street song is used as the climax of their retelling of the gift of the major. I wherein Burt goes to Mr. Hooper and ponds his precious paper clip collection. So that he can get Ernie a soapdish to keep his rubber Duckie in without realizing that Ernie has sold rubber Ducky to Mr. Hooper. So that he can get Vert a cigar box for that same paper clip collection. Of course, the story climaxes with Mr. Hooper giving each of the boys their their presence back on Christmas mornings boiler. Sorry, right. All right. But it's like Bertin or any other just celebrating their Christmas together. It's just the two of them with their corner store proprietor. And that is what I love about the song. This is I feel the most modest and human scale Christmas song ever, I feel like the little is louder than the the Mary. And and the more commercialized Christmas gets the more. I feel like the song resonates. This is this is a triumph of minimalism. I will say that that Bert and Ernie version sounds a little bit like the Bob Dylan Christmas album. I was thinking when when we played those back to back to create that medley. It reminded me of like Natalie Cole singing with NAT king Cole recording. Very just felt like the miracle of modern because. Right. I mean, we don't know for certain that she's either bird or Ernie's mother, but there are rumors. So there could be a familial connection. Thank you. Chris. I went back and forth for one I too. Am a hard hard hard core. Fan of have yourself. Mary little Christmas. I think it is the Christmas anthem for mopus. Right. You know? So so so I'm right there with it. It's another song that I think has been covered. So well, so many times it's not very often that you find Christmas song where you find yourself liking almost every cover of it. And that's that's an incredibly indelible melody, and that's actually kind of the basis for the song that I chose I decided to go as absolutely old fashioned as possible and STAN hard for silent night. So I could have picked from probably thousands of versions of silent night. Maybe the most covered of all Christmas.

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