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Your source for breaking news and what to make of it all this is the Mike Gallagher show we're seeing exactly what the Democrats stand for I'm concerned that if we don't impeach this president he will get reelected you've been great Mike and I appreciated very much you notice I walked over here very quickly from the relief factor dot com studio years Mike Gallagher believing coming into the studio and warning you about the media narrative and be prepared for it today's media narrative is going to be be about the Turkish troops crossed into Syria and how Turkey has launched its military operation airstrikes have begun hitting the border town of raise all eating the Turkish president erred one confirmed the news on Twitter writing our aim is to destroy the terrier court the terror corridor which is trying to be established on our southern border and to bring peace and peace to the region the trump haters are clapping their hands in delight it is one more thing on their their checklist of ways to try to destroy this presidency they're going to be very satisfied that this is happening and it doesn't change anything in terms of president trump's commitment to to keep our troops from participating in endless wars and I understand the arguments on both sides of this I really do I'm not sure I don't know that there's a right or wrong here's what I do know president trump campaigned on the promise to bring our troops home president trump is right when he says that we had a temporary goal in Syria in Syria defeating ISIS caliphate in that region and we did and we were supposed to get out and we didn't but this is going to be very tough for the trump administration just like just like they are being subjected to this kangaroo court this ridiculous unfair unamerican screwball impeachment inquiry that isn't really officially an impeachment inquiry there's one reason the Democrats won't take a vote in the house only one reason they want all the marbles they don't want to let trump be able to to question witnesses they want to control the narrative and what's happening he's one of the biggest dish graces I've ever seen in my life and I I've got to have faith in the American people that they're paying attention I heard a C. N. N. guy interview today who said you know you gotta remember most people don't pay attention and he's right that's what they're counting on they're counting all these hacks over MSNBC and CNN and they're just hoping in their efforts to destroy president trump the most Americans just pay partial attention in other words they see the headlines they see the negativity but they don't really die then they don't really ask questions wait a minute why was hunter Biden on this policeman board for all these years for I mean for all those months for five years making watch some money when his dad was the V. P. and and also in charge of investigating Ukrainian corruption that's the that's interesting people it is hoped that people don't take that kind of effort to find out the truth behind a lot of the stores and we are in dark times you know what it's time for scorched earth Trey Gowdy is said to be joining team trump in fighting back against this impeachment inquiry this impeachment crap that's a wonderful decision that is a terrific that is a terrific bit of news if your if your in a foxhole you want former congressman Trey Gowdy in that in that foxhole with you you want somebody who is a fighter you want the Rudy Giuliani's of the world you want heck you what the the the the attorney the president's attorney Pat chip baloney in your corner who wrote this brilliant eight page letter to Nancy Pelosi who basically says pounds salt you want us to come get us this letter you've got to read the letter just like you got to read the transcript of the call between president trump Enzo Lynskey you got to read this stuff you've got to have that power we've we've were provided to.

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