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She was based in new york and before launching bright lands. She spent ten years in tech venture capital and startups. Welcome thank you so much for having me. we're so glad you're here. I was saying before we started recording. I feel like you're in my home. And i think of you every day as i use my writing all of iowa or only just meeting to that you've known backup for longer. Yes but that is music to my ears. And i'm just so girls to to be a part of this this afternoon and and we're so excited to hear more about olive oil. I love anytime we get to talk about cooking on the show. I know yeah. I just think it's like a lovely little luxury. Where just such huge fans of what you're doing will so we introduced you but we would love to hear from you in your own words. Can you kind of walk us through your career trajectory from college until now yes I grew up in texas moved to new york. Finished up undergrad at nyu. I studied at galveston's full of individualized study. And the reason i bring that up is because you create your own major so i didn't realize it was very entrepreneurial but you're basically creating your own concentration or something that has never existed before and will never exist so again so there is something kind of rum. I don't think. I realize it at the time but i think maybe that there's some sort of check that lodges my brain but came to came to life when it came to bright one more than a decade later. But i graduated inside the the recession which was a lot of fun and was just kind of milling around like looking for looking for purpose. Honestly during such a ridiculous time i had worked at lori al for a bit and Kind of beauty and cpg. I think launched another chip in my ray but eventually i got a job at a syntax like a finance apology startup. And was there for years. I was doing. I focused on our communications government affairs. Basically what. I what. I worked on their Wet to a venture capital firm. Did the same thing. I moved to los angeles a few years ago to work at a another startup and Spent some time there and then ended up partnering with a friend of the podcast. Rachel king you know. I know she's your work wife. Becca for for another endeavor from com pod. rachel is my co-creator co-creator ram composite. And that's how i know ash. We have a mutual work wife in common. Yes i love that. So much She and i came together to create a communications consultancy that we worked on for for a few years. What led you to decide to start. Bright land show backtracking back. When i was still in new york. I come from a family of super passionate I love to cook myself. But in in new york i lived in a three hundred foot apartment and this was in my twenties so i was. I had a spreadsheet of six hundred restaurants and was just like bopping around for years and eventually started cooking more got into it and both my partner night kept noticing that we kept getting stomach aches every time we at at first we thought it was bread. We thought ottawa's cheese. We thought it was the spices we were using and we were eliminating went on elimination diet. Cutting things out and eventually a friend of ours said you. We should look in the cooking. Oil we had never given it a second thought. And you know you just heard my background. I did not come comfort. Food the industry by any means but started doing slight googling. I was using oil sides. Bad olive oil does alwaleed. Even go at united knew that and what i found out was that a it absolutely does which we can talk about later but be there is a massive amount of Sort of fraud and deception. Awhile is the world's most fraudulent food. Basically there is a tremendous amount of adulteration happening. Which means that an. It's happening at a global level. Adulteration means that always being blended with palm oil or canola oil on a very regular basis was a ton of mislabeling happening. Which means that you know. It says extra-virgin but actually is really old rancid oil. There's a massive rid city issue. And as i started reading about this at the end of the day if the oil isn't quality good quality fresh. You're not getting any of the health benefits you think you are and you're actually getting michael. Toxins in any case. The whole thing was disgusting. I was floored. And i had this like weird obsession with wanting to read more and more so i kept doing not and once i moved to california i started visiting all farms here in the state. And that's where when. I started talking to the olive farmers. I i was so shocked at the beautiful fresh olive oil that i was tasting. I'd never hats fresh olive oil before. And then secondly. I was so excited that it was happening. Right here in california and was like you know what i think. There's something here You know to be totally honest again. Since i didn't have the Chef background i was thinking. Oh maybe i'll create like a certification. Or maybe i'll like. I had all these other kind of bizarre funding ideas and it wasn't until i really sat down and bought a lot about just what it would mean to build something tangible tactile that i said you know what i think. There's there's something that we can create here that's real. This is so interesting so educate me a little more. So if i go to you know just like your regular run-of-the-mill grocery store where most of the olive oil on the shelves produce because your produced in domestically and in california. I don't know. I'm given to believe by the brand names that most of them are produced in italy. But now i'm pretty sure that's not true. Yeah it's interesting. There is a lot of like. I said like mislabeling in labeling dissection happening so it might say you know product of italy but then when you look on the back. It'll stay blended from croatia turkey italy so i think the most common thing that happens. Is these forms that may be producing amazing olive oil. That are in europe and Other parts of the world they may ultimately all send their oil to these mass big bulk companies. Blend everything together that way they can make the prices come down a time and then they then package it up and sell it to americans and the eu regulations versus the american of the fda regulations around the quality of olive. Oil is completely different to..

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