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Hour hike and ended up in a different state than where i started. So i told you there police dispatchers. Do you think it just go home. And they're like. I had another twelve hikers. Call me lost like they. Musk is so annoyed with idiots. Like us you get lost on aiking drill for sure. Well that's a great story. Thank you for sharing. This is the treasures of exploring. Love exploring but elissa so on this show. We like to talk to people about people in their twenties people who are going through the grind navigating the highs and lows of early adulthood. You're twenty and so. When i look at you and what you do on tv on radio on social media just in general life you seem to be killing it and what i love most about you is that you fully lean into being you and what i think and i find that rare among people in our demographics because when you're coming up kind of told to to follow the rules to bend to what everyone wants you to be and at cetera et cetera. There's really not much room for leniency. Your own personality and being who you are kind of like similar Early on in a relationship. You don't wanna show your true colors. You don't want scare off the other person that stuff comes over time but you conversely very early on decided. I'm going to be a list of lang. I'm going to talk about my dog. I'm going to have a show where i talk about. And all these things these are the things you love. Where does that ability to be authentically. You come from you know. That's a uneasy but tough question at the same time. It certainly wasn't always like that When i started in tv did exactly what you just said. And i looked at the people who i thought. Were really good at this job. And i just tried to imitate them. Because i was like well. I'm not gonna make it. If i don't talk like maria taylor final you know host to show like Davis and i think just the more comfortable. I've got being in the environment of tv being in front of a camera the more you almost start to get like board with being someone else and you want to be creative and and the only way that you can be uniquely creative is by being yourself To take some risks what. I would have considered risks. Maybe early in my career in writing sports casts. That didn't sound like a normal back to back to back. Highlights sports cast and you start to get feedback from people who really connect with you. And i think that's the name of the game when it comes to not just tv but sports broadcasting in any kind of entertainment..

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