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Yeah three fifty nine. I think it was three six to nine. But here's the rub apart from massive cost which is gold thousand goal whistles all the way through the palace? Here's the RUB. Because the rains Windsor. Integrate fire where it order for the for the clean to be able to pay the cost of refurbishing and repairing Windsor Castle she would introduce public access to Buckingham Palace? They were Charles quite for the tickets for the money for the tickets would go towards repairing Windsor Castle. I did it but the thing is by nine a All the money from Buckingham Palace. It'd be insufficient sort of pair Windsor Castle but what happened in isolation nine. They kept collecting the money. People still paying for the doors. Come into Buckingham Palace. Where's the money going acquaintance taking it? So we're paying three billion pounds palace. She's keeping the money from the tickets that you sell the door doc and apart from you Norman. A people kicking up much of a fuss. Not Enough again sir. I mean the kicking up a fuss about some of the thus about Andrew in Jeffrey Epstein and they think about Harry something sensitive whether he should be supported from the public purse. But but these are all kind of little spotlights. Volt Lights Picking up on you know whether we'll stops people don't like it and they say that's that's not right but people aren't doing I think can I have done. I hope is to look at the whole picture. Veteran say this whole thing is a benefit needs to be sorted out helicopter vision that people have yet got which I'm trying to sets attached so they understand how connected and what do you think should happen. Well I mean what do you think should happen is that should be. I mean vast semi-desert all family. which would become you come from a European monkey? We lost imperial monarchy the French the Germans the Russians the Austrians. We'll go over to the imperial real monkeys on monthly the cover of book. There's a picture of Buckingham Palace Balcony. There are false you for them on that Balkany. What are the doing the Swedish no which is for your fool? People delivering all the necessary royal duties in these countries. That's how it should be so. They should be slim right down the first thing that you happen. Second thing that should be you're paying taxes properly and openly which said not and thirdly. We should've potted freedom of information accident to find what's what's going on in the fishery. What are the chances of us? Bliss happening though Norman. Well I don't know I mean you know apparently role something came down We don't whether this is this is what's happening now is a catalyst for the change. Or whether it's just I mean certainly the papers have been much more hostile. So they're all in last six months naturally remember. I didn't sign for twenty five years. People don't want to be into the clean people. Think the cleanest. Good job that she's a good person and people don't want to to upset her when she doesn t three. So I think wouldn't wouldn't the queen dies that would be. That would be the crucial point. Join just whether or not people think hanging enough of this to queen was lovely. But you know we don't really want Charles the royals and the properties and the castles some whatnot A.. As so valuable to really aren't they they draw lots and lots of tourists. Will he do think we should base our constitutional almost tourism tourism to notes. But you can still have the Buckingham Palace. You could still have the changing the guard. One reopen dominant bears games only because Silica Nestled the families of liberty. That's the detail for today. I'm Sharon Break Kelly. The detail is brought to you by newsroom. Dot Co dot inside made possible possible by Irene said and Near hit the subscribe button to stay across the detail every day. And if you're able please leave a rating as it helps other listeners. Find signed us. This episode was engineered by Jeremy Ansell in produced by Alexia Russell and thanks to Norman Baker Calcutta..

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