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And jamie cosign. Yeah right. that's right. Mostly real rose rose. We were blake jarwin. Bro last year to no wasn't a ball again. Call most likely to use a bad. Did you say it was a bad call. I said it wasn't it wasn't a big. Yeah most likely a wish. He were on a different team. Most likely to wish you were on a different team. Kenny golladay alan robinson or ahim mostert. Mike you can go sir really. Never they never get to never get that much work. They split all the time. Those niners backs. I will say most. I'll say kenny golladay just like if things start going bad in new york that's i. I don't know how human beings can handle that. You're getting salted now. Just by new yorkers but you're also getting assaulted by all new york media because now your fault and new jersey people to yeah jaime garcia robinson most most likely to wish you were on a different team. I just like the mice continuing the theme hayden on the go robinson you should put one of the raiders running back there instead of said most. Oh yeah yeah all right well okay. Good call most likely to be drafted in the first two rounds in two thousand. Twenty two t higgins lamar jackson. Dj more tee higgins the mark jackson. Dj more jamie twenty twenty two next year. Yeah okay. I go higgins. What was the last name. Dj more higgins the mark jackson. dj more. You most likely would most likely would be tee higgins but dj more men with Samuel out of the way. Dj more did anyone have a quieter yet awesome year the dj more fantasy football. Well but that's why. I would love to know where he comes out on your consistency chart because that was the shirt with. I can try and pull some so. He was a victim of high expectations to you know. I think that was part of his. That everybody was in. The industry was touting. Dj more this is gonna be the year he blows up in robby anderson had the fast start in. Curtis samuel had the finish and dj. More was just kind of victim of as good but he just didn't live up to my god. He's good but fifteen games. He put twelve hundred yards. He was always the touchdowns within though. I mean that's the only four. Yeah when you think about this. If a team through thirty three touchdown passes that wouldn't be. That would be pretty reasonable this day and age in the nfl. And that's how many the panthers have thrown in their last two seasons combined and he has oh and he has eight of them so he's not catching a lot of touchdowns but they've thrown like seventeen and sixteen touchdowns. I remember the breakdown but thirty seventeen in two thousand nine hundred sixteen twenty twenty. It's he's got like twenty five percent of their of their touchdowns basically and It's just they just don't throw enough so well. I think one thing that i was changes. That and there. You know in the trademark shawn watson not to overlook anything that's going on with him off the field but if he's a member of the carolina panthers and everything is fine than dj more can have that type of season that makes him a first round..

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