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Thirtieth of may nineteen sixty seven to january of nineteen seventy and it was made up up of states in the eastern region of nigeria did he name himself after that i suspect jello biafra i believe he did comedian eighty s was the lead singer of the dead kennedys and also he was also a comedian funny comedian told some stories and stuff i would like to point out that factoid if you're if you're into facto it's factoid aren't true definition there's an additional definition that they're now facts the term has been misused long the opposite of what it that's absolutely true let's go to your calls here and talk to zacky is in new york you're on free talk live hello zack good evening either curious if you had heard about the next sex with the woman from smallville was the second in command allison mack yeah the headline this has been in my show prep for a couple of weeks apparently she got arrested for being involved in alleged sex trafficking oh my yeah yeah it's been ongoing for the head guy who ran it i've been following this story loosely for about a year i used to have a little infatuation thousand yeah joined her sex cult i don't know from what i've heard about it no it would be too intense for my vanilla you know so i have not read the stories about this but i'd like i said i've had them in my show prep because to me this is an interesting story is just that it's been bumped out by other more interesting stories and we haven't had a chance to cover it and i don't pretty wild yeah and we don't have the time to do it justice your zach do you want to give us some highlights from.

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