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This was from the movie heavy metal that weird animated movie from the eighties. I guess. What was the plot of that? I don't even I don't know the riccar tune Bubis really that was the big thing. And that's kind of a new thing in the nineteen eighties. Wasn't it? Yup. Anyway, I've found I've found Alexandria. Okay. Zeo Cortez's source of fuel for the economy of the future. You ready for this super, Dave? I am go. This is where you live stream comes from creamy proof of a mystic Unical. Totally clean. Totally cool and self serve straight from us. What? We woke him up when we mentioned unicorn farts earlier anyway, but here comes the truth. The corn who had asked him a question because when he comes out of the stable he gets upset if we don't ask him a question feels like feels like we kind of woke him up for no apparent reason. He doesn't like that. All right Garneau truth a corn. How much of our energy grid can be powered by unicorn poop water broad line. But you're on the raid. I don't even know what the hell. I think it means that not enough has a conscience. Yes. I think it means that not enough. Wave three is reporting that congressman John Yarmuth says that the attorney general bar is doing the bidding of President Trump. Jeez. You know, a real like, okay? If we had real journalists out there, you know, what they would ask congressman Yarmuth about when he makes that statement like when he just puts that statement out there, you know, what they would ask him. Why was it? Ok when attorney general Eric Holder referred to himself as President Obama's wing man and stood in contempt of congress. I g to ever do that. Because he refused to hand over documents that were incriminating of the Obama administration in the fast and furious scandal as congressman John Jahr MIT, why it was okay for attorney general Eric Holder to be the wing man for President Obama. And protect him from scandal. And now he's upset about this. And I didn't see what bar did yesterday as being carrying any pale at all I thought bar was pretty much just talking about truth and Justice. The Democrats have decided, well, you know, I shouldn't say it just Democrats because I think it's both parties do this on a regular basis. And it's kind of like we swing from one side of the with the other. But in terms of actual bureaucracies. The Democrats definitely control bureaucracies. And they've decided to turn the Justice system into their tool for gaining and maintaining political power. And when President Obama won the presidency, he got to pick his judges and his attorney general and his cabinet, and guess what? When the other side wins. They get to do the same thing. Yeah. Like it or not. All right twist of you coming up at eleven oh five we're gonna do a contest between the woman and who steals the cheese grater and see which one of those is funnier audio from great stories about real people as greater. Got the words last I'll they stoled eighty bottle of sprang, what got me the most was Masao p- installed Massan. Ho stale sound. Well that and much more at eleven oh five coming up next guy Jennings. You see him on CNN? He's the only voice of sanity on the entire network. Used to work here. We'll talk to him about the Miller report on NewsRadio eight forty W H A S after citizens Union Bank. Bloomberg money update. This is a Bloomberg market minute for the hotel business. It's all about consolidation from Mariott buying Starwood too high..

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