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One point especially here that number one half the three quarters of the evidence that the fbi use to unleash ables ostom of surveillance powers this is a secret warns which is based on this is about national security these are warns that you used for terrorism all right not a normal criminal thing this is about terrorism and national security came from inner circles of uh from sources tied rugby to his democratic opponent uh but when he says surveillance powers upon donald trump's inner circle that in to say kristof or a carter page does that mean it's more than carter page does the memo dudes mammals combined tell us that there was more than one fiso warrant and more than just carter page and because that's the only thing that we've known in terms of a fis worn he's the only individual that we have really known for sure right and and as recently as this week they said well this just about the fis warn of carter page and herbs okay but he really nothing to do with the campaign so because you asked the question would samantha power and uh the former un ambassador to the un who according to trade gouty i told uh the intel committee that no we i do that that wasn't me that did all the unmasking by may have done some of those but i didn't do the most of those weren't me so if that's the case we also asked those hundreds and hundreds of times was at one person were those different people uh these rawl the the answers that we may get very very soon more coming up eight six six ninety red eye ag's secretary sonny perdue went to michigan one of the most diverse specialty crop states in the country is we could so the farm bill coming up on this whole variety is shortly by look the usda the give them advice and counsel over there in relation to the farm bill he especially pointed to the safety net issue closely loan understand the farmers are participating in a safety net through crop insurance and we want to enable him to continue to do that some of the.

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