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You don't necessarily do. What's right i think. with advocates. he kinda saw what his dad went through in. Why his dad did it to him. Now it doesn't make it right but it's it's understanding of. Oh this is what happened to you in so you. You only knew what you knew you. Which was promoted to you and i just seeing the pain montas face of remembering everything that happened that day in having pay t. as deep could he first got there. I like is mantra. Gonna be okay. Is he going to be able to do this mission. But as it got towards the end of the episode it was it was really heartwarming. To see the attitude was the one that saved montrose. His mama I think that was really heartwarming. I think that was just like you're supposed to be there for a reason to save your father. So he can proceed to have you or or uncle daddy. Or whatever basically atticus words he's going to keep going on. But i think advocates probably a little bit more sympathetic to how his out. His dad was raised seeing everything how he saw his mom. He wants her out and hug his mom because he probably ends in his mom years. We don't really know what his momma past This in just the realization of everything. I'm i think. I'm done with them onto ruby honestly on getting pretty exhausted with ruby. I love her and again. I think her her closeness with vicky cristina barcelona and in in her respectability. Politics are kind of giving her rose. Colored glasses thinking. She's on the winning team. An even with knowing that that. Emily blunt has to kill advocates. She's like will out a sheet comments schmidt about wanting the redhead like it was like she's picking something office sale rack at forever. Twenty one next is. That's not how many of this works. So i think unfortunately ruby has drunken the kool aid. And i wanna say about ruby. Almost all skillful in kinfolk i honestly like if rubies will be looking for herself good for her but i think with her is gonna cut backfire in her face thinking. That christine is on her silent. Christina is on christina side so i wish her and scarlett johansson the best in the next episode because lord knows what can happen next episode. Lafley we're going to get to laddy letty..

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