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Of depressed patients so if you're depressing many reasons for depression it could be pi read it could be a nutrient deficiency b twelve make museum essential fatty acids of but if magnesium deficiency is at fault there's a good chance so that there will be some improvement now here's another one also peru plus complements magnesium has a role in reducing the risk of dementia and here in the previous study woods you happy with the choice of magnesium because it was magnesium oxide the cheapest most diarrhea producing least well absorbed form of magnesium but against proof of principle that magnesium works if i were to undertake such an experiment and in my clinical practice i use something called magnesium three in eight brand name bag teen the brand i use called coug you men cog human uh i'm sorry the brand of the two when i use has called proters soared magnesium kagame in his the curcumin that a use for brain health a protest soared magnesium is magnesium three innate and the idea here is that the bioavailability of magnesium varies a magnesium oxide in magnesium.

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