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This year's theme is the wild west time of liberty and opportunity or a time of energy in violence. Maybe both go to freedom fest dot com slash F. T L and get your tickets now. Freedom fest dot com slash F. T L. Not convinced yet. Hey, I understand. It's a high invent even with coupon code. F. T. L E, be sure you're likely to receive investment advice that will make that some seem paltry. I have something special for you. Go to freedom fest dot com slash F, T L, and you'll get the five best speeches from last year for free. Call it a test drive. Do yourself a favor and go to freedom fest dot com slash F. T L, freedom, fest dot com slash F. T L use coupon code. F. T. L. E. B. For a discount are you a cryptocurrency advocate? The crypto tip is the ideal outreach tool to help new people. Discover cryptocurrency, it's a printable business card sized tip that you can give to service providers preferably. In addition to a good cash tip when the server scandal QR code, it'll bring up an explanation of crypto currency, how to install a wallet and allow them to claim the tip, if they don't claim the crypto, you get your tip refunded to you after a time period you specify. Plus, if they do claim the tip you get an Email alert, create as many tips as you want at crypto tip dot org. That's crypto tip dot org. L dot FM now has a dischord discord is a free text and voice chat platform. And we now have our own server with a bunch of channels at discord, L, R, N dot FM. You can join other listeners as they chat about various things during our live shows, or anytime day, or night, discord, softwares available cross platform, so you can have it on whatever device, you want, and take your chats anywhere. Join our discord at discord dot L. R N dot FM. That's discord dot L. R N dot FM. Don't you hate that feeling in the pit of your stomach when the police pull you over most people have no idea how to handle it properly, and they promptly get fed into the municipal fee generating meat grinder, or maybe recall that feeling.

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