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Is prohibited without the expressed written consent of the university and we feel like him to Cali announcers are provided by Learfield IMG college and approved by the university yes fourth musketeer RK thirty nine thirty three and is the vigil scoring for saver they were led by Tyreese Jones who had ten points and six rebounds nicely Marshall played seventy minutes did not score he did have three assists in only one turnover you also had a still Jason Carter five point six three minutes two point loss growth six points three rebounds two assists when good and seven points off the bench Kiki Tandy played twelve minutes did not score price more than six minutes score three points for market they're back court of mark is Howard Sachar in the account for twenty seven of the thirty nine points for market Brenda Bailey hurt the musketeers with two big three pointers he's got sixty John has to chase Johnson has four points off the bench and I G. Marshall was tasked with trying to slow workers power down which she did a great job the first twelve minutes building scoreless for the eight minute mark on down to the other half of the hours were fourteen points but you can see that maybe is taking a call on our toll on Niger Marshall offensively he just over to the field yeah Joe he can't he can't he can't allow that to happen I mean he's got to continue to defend in again I understand you're not gonna shut out marks our but that doesn't mean that you can I don't mean it you still have the shoulder your responsibility of score points as a leading scorer for this the one year Xavier market all the for warm enough for a second twenty minutes here at Sentai center get the score halftime market thirty nine Xavier musketeers thirty three this is built the C. B. T. S. if time reports C. B. T. S. consult.

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