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I have a question from Justin who writes, thanks so much for the opportunity to ask your advice. I've read strong fathers strong daughters, and it was tremendously helpful. I'm struggling with something that I could really use your help on. What tips do you have for parents struggling with defiant behavior? Our five year old daughter has been displaying defiant behavior lately and is more frequently not doing what we ask of her. She's a very sweet and academically bright child, and this is not like her when we ask you to do something or to stop doing something. She starts ignoring us until either my wife, or I lose our cool. We're also concerned that this is effecting our two and a half year old child. Well, Justin, I want to tell you that many years ago. I coined something termed the kindergarten meltdown syndrome. What I've seen. Over the years is that during the fall of the kindergarten year. And I don't know if your daughter's in kindergarten, but she's around that age or the first time a child enters school fulltime their personality changes, they go from being lovely kids to monsters, and what happens is this. I they're exhausted. They don't get enough sleep or downtime. This is particularly true for kids have to go to sports, piano, etcetera after school and second after spending eight hours at school trying to concentrate and behave they come home and let down they lose control like a volcano erupting. Here's what I recommend. You do make sure that your daughter has some quiet time and some downtime during her day believe it or not some kindergarteners even need a nap. Don't let her do any outside activities after school until you see her mood change also make her go to bed earlier. You can't believe how. Much nicer kids are when they get enough sleep..

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