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Plane in the moly. I love criticize market. You know what. I mean a movie guys by the time it got to hollywood like okay to be the bear. Bad news like like blood. Sport was fake. Say because what do you think of the people. We've always say like how real was american. Poke move fucking movie. Novo- spotter is ever going to sit there and say they'll put you in never the dumbest line that's worse than i am an fbi agent. Like you know. I do wanna see when Because i deployed. With eddie gallagher. The guy that got him to shadow. Teddy to eddie mandate everybody's sporty fricken gnarly warriors. I wanted to have him on a lot of people. Like why eddie. On them like told the story ninety five times i got away. Two years. Still dive like he's already done the circuit and now but But now i can't wait till he comes out with his movie you know. I'll tell a good story about eddie. It's pretty good d- We're gonna afghanistan and you walk by these these wells all the time about sixty feet down well. We cracked kim white next tonight. One of the turps kicked it in eddie. Didn't seat fell thirty. Forty fifty countback back sunk to the bottom had to take off is Take off his gears float to the top did the whole and dove down at the end of in this december job at the bottom. Got all stuff and extra out. He's honestly as a frigging nature. they kidman. it's there's the. That's the thing what i want to say is. I appreciate the balls and in that community. It really is a hard nose but for some reason somewhere along the way like i said the media got twisted where it's like put an. Abc put an abc on. Put an abc on. And i think that's great. And i think it's great for the community but the when you're around someone that's as i don't have all the answers. I'm trying to figure this shit out to. That's important too. And i think somewhere along the way the media fuck you guys up on the books and the media..

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