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Did in some konta literature curler land here's the gloves because clearly joey it title ii the i want to their deaths i wanna i wanna prediction from each of you there's drunk house key play football ningxia andrew no jordan i'm say now sought to joe yes the us while but that's changing the majority of the people in the studio think gooby knocked actually on the football majority might to get in touch theory is going to go thick town hall yeah yeah i i saw here's here's what i think i think he's got an average of being kind of like a nickel had but he's anything bought though he's really a really focus guy he's not spending is money he spending his endorsement money not a salary hani he's he's not all the people think he is he's a sharp kid he's use in his name is a brand he's making money on it and you look at the hits he's taking every year he looks at joe namus and goes to why won't be able to enjoy myself as i get older unspent my mind's i do starter yeah why not he has a brand growth is a brand they'll whether he wanted to call a commentary whether he wants to go the action picture route why should he risked his life and livelihood every single day by going out that he's the biggest target in the nfl they're not going out to tell these different issues here one is.

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