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O Pia. It's 12 28 traffic and weather on the eights and when its brakes here's Rita Kessler in the W T O be traffic center in general, not a bad trip throughout the area. We do still have some delays on 66 1st westbound approaching nightly Street. The earlier wrecked between the Beltway and Natalie was moved out of the roadway. Then it looks good. I'd westbound headed all the way into Haymarket eastbound. No problems outside the Beltway. It is inside the Beltway. The delays after Washington Boulevard a single right lane gets by the work zone. Westbound seven Colvin run Road in Karpers Farm Way was a report of some work. Usually a single lane gets by there. No problems along 95 Either way, 3 95 in good shape between Springfield and the 14th Street Bridge while in the district I to 95 D. C. Tu 95 remaining its speed. No problems along the Southeast Southwest Freeway either way right now and Third Street Tunnel Good both North and South bound. We did have the wreck in northwest Georgia Avenue near Madison Street, South Bound Bladensburg Road between New York Avenue and Montana Avenue. The right lane gets by the work while in Maryland to South Bound Root one at Lakeland wrote in College Park. It's a single lane getting by the emergency work down to 10 very slow after Palmer and Livingston headed toward the Beltway with a single right lane getting by the work South bound, starting to see a little bit of volume toward Palmer and Livingston, watch for anything that may have set up there in south bound root to still in delays. Did toward tarragon Lee with a single left lane. Getting by that work zone. Take a few minutes to protect everyone in your life with a flu shot from your giant pharmacy. Giants trained pharmacist offer better hours in your doctor's office, and the vaccine is free with most insurance. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. Storm Jean four meteorologist Lauren Rick. It's cloudy and dreary Monday. We'll start with improving conditions late in the afternoon and the early this evening as we get peaks of sunshine. Temperatures in the fifties and sixties for this afternoon, overnight.

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