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Welcome back John hold stay there I'm Jim Rome one today a great day but you're better to we're joined by the head football coach at home why he's entering his fourth seasons that coach he led white eight wins in a bowl game last season that whole why to their best conference record since joining the mountain west to bowl appearances in the first three seasons they open up against Arizona August twenty fourth that is a CBS sports network game ten thirty PM eastern make note of that a white head coach Nick role of which is my guest neck it's good to have you back how are you morning roll me I'm having a great day my so where do you guys have on my man around so much fun I know you are to Nick yeah about aloha to the clone I love the clones every year this is a great deal mom man clones hit up the coach right now and a little harder the clones let me start off like that all rights you tweeted yesterday's begins with her happy anniversary to my wife now let's go start football camp Nick bring me up to date how is life for you these days and how fired up are you for this upcoming season Kim starts today this is what I think everyone who loves football the ball this is this is this is like our Christmas and the you got to love this game to play it you gotta love this game the coach and two article crush your soul but there's so many great things that come from as far as the memory the map of the variance in the trenches and this is in the man really kinda excel in their lives doing some specialized on on this fortune to be a part of it I like it Nick rolled it's joining us every time that I talk we talk about mountain west media day but the truth is now talk you no matter what happens in media day but in previous years you did show up with an Elvis impersonator Hey Britney spears impersonator and this time he rolled with a fortune teller how did that idea come to be and how did that go well I will be going to force in the United really have a great idea two days before you told me the preseason colder come in and I'm on my way to Vegas and I say well I'm going to figure out you know what the media polls it you know and I appreciate their efforts but they don't mean a whole lot to to the team so at the moment bring the fortune tellers should tell me really what the deal is our it with the card representing dreams coming true and no real specifics as far as the league goes but thank you a lot of confidence get back on the plane come of that was a good natured dry card now this time last year you're coming off a tough season and you were facing a tough schedule it opened up with a trip to Colorado state followed by navy and then rice as you look back now where was the team at this point last year and how does it feel compared to this point this year the coaching staff and the leaders coming into last year there are a ton of credit the poem this thing back together we had no we had I would call it pretty I would say two or more I mean we just wanted for war line very well on the coaching staff and that leads down into the players the players aren't stupid you know they they could see if things are working right now very observant and and apologize that that they had to go through but I I respect the heck and the guys who who hung in there and pull the thing back together and and really no did something that that made a white crowd and that's that's part of that's a big part of why I took this job why the you know for what they gave me everything in my life respected Ansalon Nick you saying that Hey listen we had a problem on the coaching staff and it did trickle down to the players and they know they're not down they know what's up but in this no opener then you go on the road fort Collins eighty two about with thirty seven a seven lead over Colorado state how huge was it not just for that game but for the entire season for you to come out explode out of the gate for a greater cause all those things and then it just kind of steam rolled and then those are the type of things would you see young men had that realization you know that they're gonna take that lesson and and and really do so much outside of football for the rest of their lives as a father as a husband as a leader in their community and they're going to do great things because they understand that concept and that's one of the greatest game in the world I mean you learn things in football there you can translate into some your things in your life but from a football standpoint to restart season six and wanting to go through a tough stretch one point and you come back and win the final two games of the regular season in that gives you eight wins on the year which was the most since twenty ten and then you follow that up with a trip to a ball game knowing what happened the previous year of the things you and I talked about how proud of you were everybody involved in the program last year to have that kind of a season well one of the one of the great accomplishment to me than it was in the national championship you know what we were hosted Troy hosting trophies up at the end of the day but we were we we came together we hung together they will have that as a human element in the game it was it was very gratifying to see those little those kids there and the coaches that they bought in and believed to to really feel good about what they did and they should feel crowded with the with the with the hard deal now when you and I talked last year Nick we talked about going back to the run and shoot offense so how good did it feel to get back to that in due to feel like getting back to the program's roots and identity they're very much so that was though the decision of probably with a couple years for but two years too long but it was it's something that I feel like you more who I am naturally I think it it's got a real nice relationship with this university I think it's something people identify a white football with and that was you know it it was as big of could because the system works people like seeing the ball fly through the air you know and and our kids bodied and really studied and tried to be the best they could at it a coach is that as far as knowledge of of the offense but you use in Indiana so you stand it you know people like to joke about the with all the ball around for a long time anything in the air a deal but now you're saying that you know creep up in the NFL and and I think because the fans like watching X. on football we live in a ball on the air is that so many of the right guy spinning it your quarterback Coleman Donald was coming up for your way through for nearly four thousand yards in thirty six TV's Nick and he did it in his first season as the starter and he did all of that what dealing with some injuries now is on a watch list for the Davey o'brien award the Maxwell award what is the next step look like for him good be more consistent in his res I think there was you know and I'm I'm I'm happy with him because I'm happy hello he came in walked two full seasons and the first thing he said the band that I missed a lot and and that's okay that's that's part of the deal you know experimenting on to know how my gonna minutes with his own player you know kind of finding his own personality in this office and for him to do the self you know reflection really studied insult and come up with those answers give me a lot of hope and and you saw another level when we got the spring ball and then that doesn't mean he's going to be you know great and folly still going to do the work which she will but it gives you know you feel like you're on the right path when you got a mature kid that as ability and has a desire to be great and it's really bought into the culture yeah I got the Hawaiian Islands tattooed on this for you guys and got dressed no he parcel appealed against the renaissance it's also why head coach Nick role is joining us as he wondered about a with now it should probably come as no surprise Nick you and Michael each have been known to hang out a bit I got to know when you guys talk how much you talking about scheme and how much of it is about ancient religion and pirates not a lot about dean the the biggest thing we talk about this is a difference of you know how much you get the running back out the routes and and and we just don't do that as much more philosophy of the mind set of of running an offense like this in in in in that was that was really what I want to get out of our first meeting we are they I mean I don't know what you'd say but no I feel like we've become pretty good friends he text me last night you know we're testing last night about will be talking so it it the you know I love the randomness and we can go from you know he's a big fan a raccoon and I can respect that I had a wreck tunes here when I was young so I'm not as big of a fan and raccoons but you know it's just a real enjoyable conversation for me now my wife and I I'm not sure about his wife we they don't really like how much we talk we go for hours now in California where I live we had one on our roof the other night a raccoon and I didn't really know what to make of it and luckily he just went away because it you know I'm not gonna deal with that like I could try but I would know what to do that is scary what happened yeah what happened to you as a kid with Iran backyard well you know night kind lights on inside you can't see out a turn to turn the lights on outside there's this it looks like it may look like a bear their me right in the eyes raccoon growled at me through the glass window still freaked me out so there's no reckons here on the island do they mean right they're mean very smart and you did press with you know how you know as I think you called Paul but they they act like hands and they're very clever little creatures yeah they are I don't want any raccoon giving me that has given me the hands you spent some time with Dan Hawkins to last summer but Dan Hawkins what what did you take with most conversations well you know this is it almost I would say I would say maybe the the farther end of the spectrum but it's a it's a it's a different approach for sure and the guy who's successful and we met I met leach in key west you know when we go on a.

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