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What's first, Josh? Only hours after the bodies of 13 fallen American heroes were transferred to Dover Air Force Base and what the military calls a dignified transfer. Our nation's vice president suggested to the State Department that America hold a candlelight vigil to memorialize valiant Taliban and Isis freedom fighters. Who had sacrificed their lives defending their homeland. I don't know where to start with This is totally insulting to all our military personnel who fought the terrorists. These terrorists weren't fighting for anyone's freedom, including their own. Their culture is Islamist dictatorship. That statement is beyond stupid. She needs to be impeached. U. S. MILITARY BASES HOUSING Afghanistan evacuees are building their own city type leadership organizations to deal with sanitation, food and other challenges as the numbers of Afghans coming into the US grows. Air Force General Glenn Van Herck, who heads U. S Northern Command, said there were over 25,000 Afghan evacuees being housed at the bases. He acknowledged there have been problems at the bases as they grapple with language, cultural and other issues. He said that he's building eight small cities. We're going to have challenges, he said, the basis of designated in military officer as a mayor to be in charge of a couple dorms or housing units. And an Afghan counterpart who can communicate about any ongoing issues, he said. Northern Command has asked the D O D for additional linguists who are fluent and can speak with the Afghans. Our military will eventually be able to house as many as 50,000 Afghanistan. Evacuees at the eight bases around the country and it won't likely need to tap additional facilities, said General Van Herck, who is also the head of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD. Afghans at the bases are divided with single males and single females in separate housing and families walled off in their own sections, where possible to provide privacy. This seems to be a very valid way to treat these people since we don't seem to be doing a very good job in ensuring that these Afghans are really in the group that we promised to bring here. There are likely some active terrorists in the group. Dealing with them will be a challenge. In the final days of the withdrawal, the US balanced loading or destroying equipment with the need to evacuate people out of Afghanistan. Some of the equipment was taken out on flights demilitarized at the airport or destroyed in controlled blasts. A U. S official confirmed to CBS News last week that our military was conducting controlled explosions of ammunition at the airport to lighten the airlift load before departing. The pieces that were left behind at the airport and demilitarized were either too big, like the M raps, which can weigh 14 tons or were old pieces of equipment belonging to the now toppled Afghan air force that were largely defunct, anyway. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said. Quote they can't operate them. We made sure to demilitarize to make unusable all the gear that is at the airport. The only thing we left operable are a couple of fire trucks and forklifts so that the airport can remain more operational going forward, end quote. There is still equipment outside the airport that the Taliban took control of when it overran the Afghan forces in the lead up to the fall of Kabul on August 15th. Kirby said. Our military does not have an exact inventory of the equipment. The Taliban now has Our military and coalition partners evacuated over 123,000 civilians and what was the largest non combatant evacuation in our military's history? The operation ended one minute before the deadline of August 31st on the East Coast. The mission ended without completing the evacuation of U. S citizens and many vulnerable Afghans. There's a lot of heartbreak associated with this departure. We did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out. All told the Pentagon left behind tens of billions of dollars worth of equipment given to Afghan security forces, the U. S government spent $83 billion to train and equip the Afghan army, according to the special inspector general for Afghanistan, reconstruction. The Pentagon and White House had maintained that Afghan army ranks totaled 300,000 soldiers, but in reality, there were far fewer. So our government decided to abandon all this equipment and many Americans in Afghan allies just to run away by a fixed date. Why didn't we have changed the date? Why didn't we start taking things out? Months or years ago? You know, like the Russians did when they pulled out a couple of decades ago, We left a lot of working equipment. There we look like and are total losers. This is a total disaster by every standard. Oh, and I've spoken to some of the people still actually getting our people out their biggest problem. Our State Department. And that's the news. As Americans is our responsibility to ensure that our nation is well run and on the right path. Politics and politicians are confusing, but we can work together. Concerned Veterans for America can assist you in getting involved and getting our nation back on track. Working with them is one of the things I do. Check C v the number 48 dot org. That's C V the number four a dot org This is Colonel Danny Gillam coming up on front lines of freedom all share comments by the colonel. They will enjoy some warrant wisdom. Then.

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