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Welcome Back Ladies and gentlemen so another morning edition of the box voice radio. It is Thursday and we got some top rank boxing to obviously do a live chat preview. M Per Dick later on tonight. But we're going to be talking Terence Crawford today or should I. Say Andrea Ward or should I say Bob Arum because the all had something to say, but I guess it's very important to the box and community Bob, said on Isil. Crawford becoming back in November, but then he said on ESPN that it could be September October but ward I. Think giving them the best advice. The same advice that we've been given you know Terence Crawford right here on a box and dot com, and that is stay busy. Stay busy. Being a Gym I cannot. Agree I'M GONNA I'm not GonNa, say that I I. Don't believe I'm GonNa just say I. Don't agree that it's the same as actually having a real fight. Andre Ward Terence Crawford to stay busy Bob Arum says he's back insect timber or October even November, but this is where we're gonNA. Be Talking about now that we know that he's back now that we have the Matt's on an. Interview with Terence. Book coffee where he got his little newly started dreads. We have a lot of information, we can probably find an opponent on this show. Maybe but if that doesn't work, it's all good. We're GonNa Have Adam blue knows. He's also Adam Luna's Lopez. He's also with top rank and you know. His name has been thrown around a lot because he's been kinda going back and forth. Stevenson on twitter. Any wants that fight. Buddy came here on his show earlier this week and said that Adam Beats Chicago I tried to get your core on. Still, no answer. So what could we do? We'll have blue knows via skype in a few minutes and. We'll find out what it is that he thinks his trainer sees when he sees the cool, and he believes that Bruno's could beat them, but let me on out to new. Jersey's own Alex Doomsday Lion as you already know. Hit that thumbs, and if you're just joining us in livestream, it doesn't matter the visibility in the future President Pasa. Call US up. If you want to voice your opinion at one four to five six, hundred fifty to forty one press one once on. The voice it'd be. Don't forget. You could also add Mr gives on skype to be part of the conversation from anywhere. And if you chat is right in a chat, we might mention it. Physical. November Alexander Heath. Sir. Good.

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