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Bear friends the McLaren health plan one great health plan it's Michigan state it's Maryland in this season regular season finale what Marilyn they started off really strong market and they've had some tough times what's your take on well the big challenge you know it's our first year as a staff there and then also they've had a lot of injuries they've had some quarterbacks being shuffled in and out of it any time you don't have consistency I think it first of all who's playing at quarterback you know other problems that could possibly follow and they've had guys get knocked out of the game you know from a health standpoint and public nevertheless the mail coach Locksley will bring his football team here with and I'm sure they'll be ready to play so but that he has two outstanding tailbacks and McFarland and leak before number twenty is a guy that averages about seven point nine yards per carry summer one of the big ten after yards after contact and in in that capacity of so we gotta stop those guys the receiver situation of is a little bit down a little bit they've lost a couple guys but demi's number seven is our top guy we'll find out who's going to quarterback number three pogo mayor Josh Jackson of his a transfer for Ginny tech started at Virginia Tech of consistently so we're gonna find out that we will get to game time probably because of you know I think I think Jackson may be questionable but defensively and Antoine Brooks number twenty five is probably the top defensive player and they're gonna play hard so the bottom line will be always be can we take care of the football and as we do this how we play on special teams and things like that and then you got to make plays down the stretch but usually the case we talk about making plays boy last week the defense team there we discover several little bit mark with posting check out against records first row checkout since nineteen ninety nine what's got those guys going again well first of all we were tough to run on and usually when that happens you know you're gonna get a middle built more long yardage third down situations and they didn't convert on third down they were out of eleven they actually turn the ball over twice on on fourth down to bid we got two big turnovers with interception by Xavier Henderson and that also a big fumble recovery tackle a full recovery in advance of that fumble by decides cut too big place us so both played very well play through Jessica thought our whole football team played with energy and were a you know sort of on a mission well you know we've talked about it senior day today and as I look at your offense the starting lineup now we have to seniors on that offense got quarterback brown the work you get tied in a mad sci bird and I guess circumstances led to an amazing youth movement there yeah we've we've cut younger we've got younger you know we started a three three eight one point point last week we had I believe there were a freshman on the team on offense on the field at once and we had three offense Salamina tight end of August seventh of running back and the two white out so you know we're young in that capacity but I think it's been good because they're they're good players of the freshmen are good players and you know that bodes well for the future but but it's you know it's the consistency of performance and doing the right thing or making sure that they're of they're all the same page with everybody else with your white out or with your office a lot I mean you know there's a lot going on out there so that'll be the focus but to the defensive side you know job watches out as everybody knows that's a big loss of but tie Rico tasa filled in for him last week and we move Tyree can there we'll see what we do today the war really tipper had on that regard but but we've not had as many entries we have some people in and out but not long term injury so so it'll be a it's a little bit interesting terms of how we go about fixing some of these things but again our energy and our focus is been good well Darryl Stewart getting heard toady white had to step up it seems like he's beginning to do that Cody what had a big game last week and and really the week before I played well up so you know he's become a little bit more he's our leading receiver right now he's pastoral that capacity so we don't we have two guys with almost a hundred catches total between the two of them of but yeah he's a he's a big play guys long he's he's catch the ball very effectively at nine catches the first half last week and I think finished with eleven for a hundred and fifty yards or so so very productive day three touchdowns will leave.

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