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Like this happen to realize a lot of actors did not make the transition and Gish at turned out had a. I want. Darling, I love you. They'll talk Godfried apparently. So there's a scene where they're all getting vocal training, and I think there's this kind of large woman and she keeps trying to get Jean Hagen shrill voiced romantically to use a wrong sounds. And of course. Sounds. So I think that's why we need to say. Sloane, the role, an art, but I cannot I cannot curl my tongue. And my tongue is a very. I would say inarticulate instrument should be the most articulate. It should part of your body. Right? Well, it's one of the perhaps. One of the reasons that I that I have difficulty with transliteration, different pronunciations. You're not a professional vocalist and broadcast, but you know you as a professional rock vocalist you are not asked to imitate anything else. You can just make your own sounds and people accept them. You can just go. And people go, he's got a really distinctive vocal sound. I feel like there must be rock vocalist who could roll a good are. There are plenty Freddie Mercury. I have something called a geographic tongue, which is. You have a geographic tongue. Geographic tone is a kind of tongue. So your tongue just leaves your mouth and explores the Amazon and the Arctic, it's really wonderful. My tongue has a little pith helmet and it. It's Drake's out no trying to convert the natives to the long winters. Yeah, we ends up with shrunken head on post. That's what happens to every geographic I've ever known what is geographic tongue. It's something called glut Seitis or migratory gloss site is it's just it's a condition where my tongue swells up under different when I eat different foods and it has my tongue has fissures in it. And this is why it's called geographic is your tongue looks like a land form. It does. It has a lot of a lot more surface area than normal person's tongue because it has deep canyons in it and and it's I wanted to Google earth of your tongue. It's a fatter tongue, and it doesn't. I can't curl it or do other little tricks with it, but like I can't guy your tongue. So it's kind of splotch iw. What what would you say that outline of it is supposed to look like? Do you see the the fishers Fisher down the middle on the side? You can't say this, which is your lucky honestly, if I but it's got a light colored spots in the middle island or continent. This splashing, this is part of the condition and it migrates. It's it's a different. I was about to say, what country do you think your your splotches for them? But it's a different splotch everyday? Yeah, my tongue changes, shape and constituency, and it has splotches that come and go on the side like the heavens. Yeah, that's right. That's right. It's I have a Milky Way in my mouth. I love to have my mouth. But this. Really irritated and my tongue. Sometimes we'll swell up to the point that I it's very uncomfortable. I have to stop eating. I have to kind of just wait for it to subside. Can you do this?.

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