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I exhort you to take advantage of it because these deals usually don't last i i don't know who's doing this promotion or why but all i can tell you a great price and usually if a book sells incredibly well maybe amazon will discount it. You know three months in or something like that on but to be able to pre-order it at a price like this where it will never go lower than this price that is. That just doesn't happen so this is one of the reasons i'm pushing it. I'm thrilled because i've mentioned this that we want people to preorder the book and if you pre-order it. Obviously you're going to get that insane price. I i'm guessing you're going to want to buy christmas presents. And whatever get it at this price. You don't wanna pay thirty dollars. You wanna pay fourteen ninety seven so but yes if you sign up for the launch team. When you go to eric metaxas dot com. You will be able to read the book immediately. If you sign up for the once team you'll get an electronic copy of the book email to you elettronica. I don't know how they do it but they do it. And you'll be able to stop reading the book today. And you're going to be freaked out. By what i put in this book folks. I have stuff in here. i mean. Here's a headline regime. Pulsar and albert camus. Two of the leading. French existentialist atheists of the twentieth century. Actually that's wrong there too. They are the two leading french existentialist of the twentieth century. But they're also probably two of the most famous of the twentieth century the most outspoken dedicated to this atheist view. Both of them and almost no one knows that either of them came to faith both of them at the end of their lives independently. One row nineteen sixty around nineteen. Seventy eight came to christian faith. Now that is a headline gigantic headline. No one knows this. No one knows this. Some people may have heard that camus. Sorry that start came to faith but camus. Nobody heard of it. A guy wrote a book about it forty years after the death of kim. I mean it's it's insane so please go to Indexes dot com. Sign up for the newsletter. Please we're gonna have free excerpts and all kinds of stuff and also we'll send out the my interview with jason jones about the book the johnson mira video about the book Sign up preorder. The book please folks tell your friends honestly. I think you're gonna want to copy and you can't do better than this price and it helps a lot if you preorder. Yes thank you very much. Great audience Oh don't forget. J. p. is coming up in the second hour and he's and today say endgame. We're gonna be talking to jp against his book as game. It's about saving marriages and think this is very important. In fact it's so important that i'm going to give you a link if you go to endgame book dot com. Aw org dot org a sorry. Endgame book dot org. Yes and use the code. Eric you get fifteen percent off. Endgame book dot org write that down and game book or fifteen percent off the book. jp against the author. It's about saving marriages and sort of amazing solutions. That he's come up with that have worked. Well anyway we'll talk about that with him in the next hour actually in a few minutes and a couple of minutes in the next segment. I didn't know okay thanks..

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