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Let somebody go every year and they still finish around 95, 90 between 95 and 99 wins every year. I can't explain it. I can't explain it. It's like I told you when they traded away Meadows for some minor leaguers. I just said, hey, listen, I don't know who these minor leaguers are, but they're clearly the greatest players who ever lived. You did say that. Listen, again, I think we talked about this as well. If the rays want to make a trade with you, you're alarmed should be just blaring in your ear. Like maybe I don't want to give away this guy says they're asking for him. You know you're going to see him and you know you're going to see these guys that you move within the next year and a half. You know you're going to see that guy making four huge hits in October. Somehow. If I'm AJ prowler and AJ prowler say smart guy, but AJ prowler, we have to admit, has been, I wouldn't say defeated. Let's just say the rays have won a couple of the trades. Yes, I think the Padres didn't get something out of it. I'm just saying, the rays definitely have one out on their trades. I think if AJ preller is ever called again by the rays saying, hey, we'd like this double-A guy. AJ preller should immediately call that double-A guy up the guy up to the big leagues. Immediately. That and block the number for me. That was a good idea. Yeah, speaking of which, you know, you talked about the division and the NL west, dude, you are not lying. You talk about best division in baseball. It's the only division in baseball. We're not three teams, not four teams, but all 5 teams are above 500. It's easy to make fun of the rockies and the Diamondbacks. Guess what? Rocky's in the Diamondbacks are beating the hell out of everybody. They're 15 and 14 the Diamondbacks. And they're in last place. They're in the wrong division right now. But listen, it's been quite some. To see, you may have could have expected the rockies because first of all, they play in Colorado. So Kyle O'Reilly, Colorado. So there is a wild card there anyway. But they also brought in Chris Bryan. So you know, there's an argument to be made that, all right, they're trying to do something. You could possibly see them playing, you know, 500 baseball. But the Diamondbacks who, listen, I'm a big fan of tour of the velo. I think he gets the most out of the teams that he has urine and near out. They're playing well, man. And it's really been around their starting pitching that has been really terrific. Merrill Kelly is off to a great start. Madison boom, although he got ejected for some ridiculousness from the umpires. Last week, he's been good. I mean, that whole staff has been pretty good, and it's kept him in ball games. And they've been able to win some and listen, if you would have told me they were sitting 15 and 14 right on this date on May 9th, I don't know that I think I would have probably laughed in your face. And not only that, looking throughout the league, man. There's just some good baseball being played right now. Really is. One team I'm going to bring up right now is a team I don't really believe it. But they are playing good baseball. You can not say that the Minnesota Twins aren't damn good. Byron buxton looks like that MVP type player that everyone's been talking about him being Carlos Correa, obviously a game changer. They've been pitching really well. However, I still think that team on the south side of Chicago is better. Those white socks have won 7 straight and they have a they have a whole all star team on the IL. I know, yeah. They're not even they're not even close to healthy. That's why when they got off to a slow start, it was hard to pay too much attention to it, right? I mean, we know they know what this team is capable, but we who watch them know who they're capable of. They're not even close to full strength. And now, as you mentioned, they're starting to play some good baseball. Listen, I've been high on Minnesota. I think Byron, if he can stay healthy, he's he could be the guy that is considered who could be in that conversation for best player in the league. He's got that kind of talent, but he's got to stay healthy. The other team that I got a chance to see that I don't know how it's very similar to what the Giants did last year and what we're seeing the Diamondbacks do early this year. The Cleveland guardians. I almost said India. I caught myself. The Cleveland guardians, they can swing it, man. That lineup is a pretty good live. You may not have heard of a lot of the names in there, but offensively, they can pull, man. And then you get the pitching that they never seem to not have, no matter who they get rid of, they are like what Tampa is offensively. They come up with on the pitching side. It feels like in Cleveland. So they know central is going to be something to watch. I still think you're right. The White Sox are the team to be, especially once they get healthy. Yeah, I truly, truly think that the twins are still looking pretty good, though, 18 and 11 White Sox back above 500, 14 and 13 with the 7 game winning streak that they're on. And yeah, the guardians currently sitting at 14 and 14, they do not look bad. It's just, I don't expect them to stick around. I think they got off to a real hot start. And I think things have kind of even out a little bit. I think they're going to be around 500, probably. So I agree. I agree. Yeah. But yeah, these White Sox men, they're about to get moncada back. They're about to get Joe Kelly back who's also there in triple-A getting ready. Lance Lynn will be back by the end of May. Liam Hendricks is back and looks like Liam Hendricks again, I might add. Lucas giolito. He has been back from the IL and has looked like a true ace. Oh, and by the way, Dylan ceased. I have dubbed the strikeout prop king of the universe. He is the greatest thing on earth. If you are into gambling and baseball gambling, if you want to take an over on someone every single game and always win, take my strikeout prop king Dylan sees, take the over..

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