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Call the international travel department right now at low cost airline eight hundred two one five five one four one eight hundred two one five five one four one that's eight hundred two one five fifty one forty one there's a serious sleep disorder that's been getting attention again USA's Chris Barnes has the reason now that most of the nation has switched again to daylight saving time narcolepsy is getting new attention Dr Anne Marie Morris is a sleep disorder specialist in Pennsylvania she's among the experts who say narcolepsy affects the brain's ability to regulate sleep wake cycles and patients end up being sleepy most of the day but then find it difficult to sleep at night she says what do you need to do is see a neurologist of it's happening to you so you can be evaluated at a sleep clinic if you're having serious issues for USA radio news I'm Chris Barnes delta airlines will cut passenger carrying capacity by forty percent to deal with a nose dive in travel demand and it is talking to the White House and Congress about assistance to get through a downturn caused by a coronavirus the cutting capacity over the next few months is the largest in delta's history surpassing reductions that were first made after the September two thousand one terror attacks delta also said it will stop flights to continental Europe for the next thirty days possibly longer ground up to three hundred planes delayed deliveries of new planes to save cash and cut spending by two billion dollars it's freezing hiring and offering unpaid leave to current employees the airline stocks surge in the afternoon trading to close up thirteen point eight percent recovering by a twenty one percent drop the day before for USA radio news I'm John hunt I am doing at all the water the fiber of the exercise but I still had constipation with belly pain training and bloating that keep coming back my doctor said that I may have a chronic medical condition called irritable bowel syndrome with constipation or IBS C. Linzess linaclotide is a prescription medication that treats adults with IBS with constipation Linzess helps relieve belly pain and let you have more frequent and complete bowel.

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