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Lunch -able best convenience store best boy bands, which we started out with. I don't wanna start out with best lunch, w which we started out with. We do happy Madison. Hitter boy bands. Happy Madison. Let's go back to that. Let's go back to that. Well, okay. So let's. Okay, we'll do what we normally do. Five, four, three, two one. We don't have to spend as much time as in if we if we miss out, we gotta move some another week. We will best happy Madison universe actor best actor Ken Jackie started off. I who's your number five pick a number five is Kevin James. I, I enjoyed grownups in a like whatever be DM sense of to torturing me in Jane given. James is not a bad actor. He's just been in a lot of bad movies in which he acted bed. And I think he's good in king queens, great. Show view. Say, didn't couldn't queens, just a liar. So I enjoy Kevin James. Yeah, Kevin, James, I can't hate. I'm at my number five's rob Schneider. I don't like love rob Schneider, but I respect him enough where I think he would be. It, it's a battle mission to not put him on a top five list. So I I have to, I asked put it was number five, best happy Madison universe actors, Trebol Hoosier number five, rob Schneider zoo by any, but he's he's he's volume shooter in these movies, and sometimes he's phony. Volume. Actor. Remember that funny gag, if you're trying to think something serious, you'd like if somebody looks you can do it, does that make you think you're probably not going to do it? Is that just like kind of Brune your confidence? A little bit makes me no wanna do it. Audience also pick rob Schneider number five. It's the to it do it from the Starsky and hutch remake was funnier than you can do it, but are never quite took off Ken, Jack, we'll go back to you number four. My number four, Steve Shemi I just I love him. He was in what I guess. Just big daddy and Mr. deeds. Right. Thank great Danes. I love him. What's up. He was Billy Madison where you had to kill list stick. Yeah. Yeah, that's right. But when he was in Mr. deeds in like he gets the whatever it was like orios in French fries. Sandwiched every cracks me up and I enjoy him. And I also think he's just all around phenomenal actor release. You haven't seen broke boardwalk empire midge that few weeks ago in within like five days. So good to Stephen. Shammy your number four. I didn't put my list now regret it. I think I think you'd be me on that one. My number four is David Spade maybe bad pick. I don't like most David face David Spade, Jack and Jill. One of the worst fucking things in the world. He's a woman in the movie. He just cross dresses very fucking weird. It's not funny, but David Spade in their often for grownups Trebol. What's your number four best happy Madison universe actor. I also thought David Spade, but I like David Spade a lot. I think. I think he's a funny, funny guy. I like. Him professional. I like David Spade. I'm sorry. It doesn't get pleasure. It's guilty pleasure, but that's a halfway decent since two thousand four. I don't think he's, I don't think he's done much. He was good and just shoot me, but that that ended before two thousand four. I think his last good project was the emperor's new groove probably, and that's the last thing I think I've enjoyed him in. Wow. But I use a full body of work in the nineties. The Tommy boy and black sheep using Tommy boy right drove around with him. Black sheep was basically this movie. It was the same fucking. And I'd like that in the happy Madison cinematic universe. I thought I thought Joe dirt was pretty strong, Joe Dirk to maybe not so much. I mean, the grownups movies are abysmal who can't give points there, but ease been. He's been good. You know, look, we're ranking the happy Madison cinematic universe is not like it's not like we're mixing them in with like the, you know, the fuck in Daniel Day-Lewis cinematic universe here..

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