White House, DOW, Charles discussed on Nightside with Dan Rea


In the white house but what happened was at the the woman visited the investigation near the well that was a leak that wasn't early that was the was the dow was that was the eat shubert woman i'll uh warned the white house that this guy could be potentially charles listen to me for second okay long let me finish split got we are go ahead and then at then i'll finish i certainly don't wanna interrupt your go ahead it it really came goes that they didn't respond to that recommendation i'll i'll kill someone leaked it that's when they responded in other words if nobody it seventeen eighteen days after this woman luck name the ah the acting sally yates sally yates was her name now let me correct you okay rob the general flynn has the meeting with the russian ambassador that meeting is picked up okay that information then is shared it goes up the line to sally yates she didn't leak it to the new york times she went to the white house and she met with the white house counsel and said this a problem the then there was a conversation in which flynn apparently either did not tell the truth misled or or kept per into acts out in a conversation with the vice president that's right and then and then he was fired when when calm when someone since a leak out that's that's an entirely different thing i put your my honor of meyer up he in black the thing she would have white house they did not react to her comments about lynn.

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