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Did it. You can't do your good Roscoe. Keep calling man we love you. Thank you, very very much. That's the American spirit. We used to talk about the American spirit individualism can do is them. Success? Now, it's. I need the government government shutdown. How am I going to feed myself? On. And it says so. Ridiculous. Dave, Denver, Colorado, XM satellite. How are you? Mark creek talking tonight. Thank you. I got a daughter going up to see you in the People's Republic a boulder, and when she was I'm not in boulder. Sorry. I'm not in boulder. No. I have a daughter. Yeah. See you in boulder close. See you. I thought you meant S E got it. Yeah. I got a little slow on the uptake. But yeah. Late mar. I've been talking about you with I if she was in middle school, that's because of you. She is going to go into constitutional law wonder graduates from wonderful. I'm chairman of you, did you know this. Say that again, I started an organization called fatty is United. Have you ever heard of it? I have not and I tell all the time, I'm chairman of f- fatty. Trauma that. All my conservative friends should join thin fat muscular athletic, not so whatever. Anyway, you're very very that's very good that she's solid and that she's going to head into the right area. Solid. Yes. I'm real one really calling about is for the last three decades. I've been suggesting to all my whatever middle of the road, France. But I wanted a huge crevasses. The liberals and conservatives and never in my wildest dreams. Did I anticipate that it would be like this this stupidity? That the crevasses now just ridiculous. You know, Dave. It's really time for people sitting on the sidelines to get off their asses and join those of us who speak out for this country. It's it's it's embarrassing. We're having to talk about all these slogans that the left are bringing the play 'em these attacks on wonderful people like Cavanaugh, and you see them in the news where there's there's representatives of our country that are suggesting that they're gonna go after on because she perjured himself with absolutely no evidence. But one of our lawmakers is gonna make it his mission to do. So they used to talk about the independence of the court and so forth. But the the left now is is definitely a radical and in many ways, a violent mob, and I can see them one day in in ways that I wish I couldn't imagine. But sure they'll go after cabin on more independence of the supreme court. Look, they want to advance the agenda come hell or high water. Why do you think all this? Tumult around Trump all the tumbled around cabin on all the attacks on anybody who dares to stand in their way, it's going to get worse. It's so intellectually lazy and fissile on a Simpson Paris. All right, my friend. Thank you for your call. Let's continue shall we can Centerville Virginia the great W M A L go. Hi, mark. How are you? Very. Well. Thank you. I'm glad you're here. You get worked up about the Covington high school because I was furious all day, it is beyond irresponsible never mind that they made up a completely fake story. I heard they shut the highschool down this morning because of threats of violence, and I heard that some of the students identified in the video we're getting death threats. That's true. This is the height of your responsibility. So my question, and by the way, do the media take any responsibility for this. What's her, we apologize? We were wrong. Here's the full video excuse me. The media had become mouthpieces for the most radical extreme elements on the left, and they are violent on the left. Thank you for taking the question right out of my mouth. 'cause that was exactly what it's going to ask. Where was your question? Well, the question was if all these death threats start coming in doesn't it occur to them that some of might actually be followed up on in which case they created a fake story, which leads to someone being killed. And then the responsibility is the news media saying, yes, I got that one of all oops, now, you're quite right. And I don't know the answer other than these media corporations. Like Time Warner Time Warner excuse me. They own. NBC and MSNBC and CNN. No, they own CNN. Comcast owns NBC and MSNBC. Maybe it's time to do it. The left us to put pressure on their corporate. Parent company and say, hey, look, we want a free press. We're not asking for conservative spokespeople or a conservative. Opinions. We want people who at least attempt to be objective. Not this crap that's going on with this mob. That's the truth. And you would think that with with the threat of actual someone being killed? You would think that they might take some sort of action say, you know, what you just incited hatred out of a fictional story. You're fire has that happened. You would has anybody been fired over the BuzzFeed store? No one. I'm aware of no, no one. I'm aware of. All right. My friend. I agree with you. We're all very very frustrated about this. Let's go to Patrick Gardner Ville, Nevada on the Mark Levin app. Go have the hell. Are you? My dad. Very well. Thank you. I gotta tell you. I love you, man. Thank you you. You're the beacon of hope in my life. I I'm a committed and died in the war. But then I. I wanna thank you for two things. One. Got you Gad's both grand kids. Thank you. And. This is the plug for. I guess. Believe safe. But I got my SimpliSafe alarm, and it just rocks. It's great. I want people to know we've got it in on a property to. It's so easy to put in. It's actually fun. You control the whole thing. And it does rock and by the way, you protect your whole house. It's not just a doorbell anyway, go right ahead. The only thing left to do is get on the blaze TV. That's my third. That's my third. Try. I'll tell you what I'll give it to you. Tell you what don't hang up, Patrick, and I wanna still talk to Patrick, but don't hang up when we're done. We'll we'll give you a one year subscription. Go right ahead. I appreciate them are, you know, occasional Cortes, which I like to refer to her as.

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