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Today on a Charlie Kirk show we talked about about how a celebrity George Lopez who thinks. He's a celebrity but has very little talent has said he wanted to murder. The president added states. We break down the Iran issue in a very digestible. easy to understand and way and we talk about a concern. I have about the upcoming conflict in the Middle East. That not enough people are talking about before we get into this. Make sure you are subscribe to the Charlie Kirk showy the big episode episode. Dan Crenshaw coming up email. Your questions freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot Com. That's freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot com because we have an ask me anything episode coming up later in the week and make sure your subscribe at the Charlie Berkshire take out your phone. Get your friend. Take out the phone type. And Charlie Kirk Show your podcast provider press subscribe. Give us five stars and leave us. A review buckle up got a great show in store everybody this is Charlie Kirk hosted the Charlie Kirk. Show your home of conservative Libertarian. Rational thinking here.

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