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Jeff flake israeli at jeff his knee mr producer a jeff level on no six half a dozen he's not sure now cory gardner another one in the witness protection program lindsey graham chuck grassley busy chasing down donald trump jr right now orrin hatch who i think turns one hundred twelve and is thinking of running for reelection dean heller nevada best jerk the jericho's our front man for the governor in nevada and other liberal massively raises taxes sells out for medicare funding but he's public him and heller well apparently won't vote for straight repeal now even though he did it before john hoven north dakota james in half oklahoma johnny isakson georgia ron johnson wisconsin james langford oklhoma mike lee utah john mccain arizona mitch mcconnell kentucky now he's concerned about it jerry moran kansas i'm getting to some rand paul kentucky david perked to georgia rob portman uh this guy he's precious republican ohio he votes for repeal and 2015 now he's against it mike round south dakota marco rubio florida ben sas nebraska tim scott south carolina richard shelby alabama dan sullivan alaska stay with me john thune south dakota thom tillis north carolina pat toomey pennsylvania roger wicker mississippi which our friend mcaliskey did i miss her lisa murkowski the no there she is lisa marie cow ski ladies and gentleman voted to repeal in 2015 now she refuses i hope all of you from the states with his republicans voted for repeal in 2015 and refill the repeat refused to do so two years later vote these fools out office because they got elected lying through their teeth you lying through their teeth to you now we will have this list from the washington examiner shortly after the program we always keep our our as sources because we want the eu to know what they are to check amir seven give them attribution and so this will be uh posted along with the other articles and so forth after the show so you can check it out there but you really ought to look at the senators from your state and see how they voted in 2015 of what they're saying now i think most of you will be repulsed at what flat out liars there and they really are i'll be right back over.

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