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At Delaware park. I'm Joe out to Montana's eagles await the skins tomorrow night at the Lincoln try to even their record with Washington at six and six Dallas of courses at seven and five top of the division. We watch the other games around the NFL today and the only game where the team in the division is the giants and bears. And right now the bears leaving the giants team to seven just under two minutes to go in the first half. Eli manning with fifty yards passing in the first half. So far not the best day or the old veteran buccaneers lead the Panthers. Seventeen to seven dolphins. Heavy seven six lead on the bills Tagore's three colts. Nothing texans. Have a twenty nothing lead on the Browns late in the first cardinals and Packers tied at seven Rams lead. The lions. Ten to three Broncos seven Bengals nothing and the falcons on top of the ravens ten to seven. Meanwhile, the Sixers will be home tonight against the grizzlies at six o'clock tip off as they look for their fifth consecutive win college football playoff picture is complete number one. Alabama will take on number four at the home in the Orange Bowl. It's number two Flemington against number three Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl. Those games on December twenty ninth title game on January seventh. I two teams out where Georgia Ohio State Penn State. Meanwhile, finished the season with a playoff ranking of twelve waiter watch and win wager on all professional sports at the Delaware park sportsbook. Philadelphia's closest sportsbook details online at Delaware park dot com slash sports lottery agent for the Delaware lottery. Must be twenty one to play CBS. Three eyewitness weather mild. Some rain today. High fifty eight cloudy tonight, low fifty fifty six degrees now in Philadelphia. I'm Joe out the Monte at the story twenty minutes before and after every hour for breaking news and scores follows. Radio WIP on Twitter and like us on Facebook twenty..

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