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There've been a lot of NBA games at the mecca most points ever scored at Madison Square Garden is exactly five years ago. When Carmello Anthony sports sixty two last night at MSG Houston's James harden, went sixty one is one of the storks historic historical buildings that are in that we have obviously the fans are one of the best in this league. And so it was pretty cool to come on there. And just put a mish harden at thirty six points by halftime had fifteen rebounds. He went twenty two of twenty five from the free throw line. And over the last nine days harden has at games of fifty seven fifty eight and now sixty one points. Houston won a close one over the Knicks one fourteen to one ten mix of lost seven twenty of the last twenty two Indiana's one ten one zero six win over Toronto was costly Victor Oladipo knee injury taken off on a stretcher almost certainly done for the season is backwards made his Darren collison tough watching in our best player go down. But not just because he's. Our best player because he's a he's one of the best people to be around. I mean just personality, you know, how positive he is. And. Just hate to see that happen to him. You don't want to have an antibody by you just hate to see that happen to him. And it just sucks averaging nineteen points a game Pacers. Sit third in the east is probably good news for the teams behind them in Philadelphia. Last night beat San Antonio won twenty two one thousand eight Joel Embiid thirty three point nine hundred the Sixers had to four point plays in the fourth quarter and the Celtics won their fifth around one twenty three one zero three over Cleveland. Tennessee is now ranked number one.

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