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Of the Glenn Beck program. I never watch America's got talent. I just don't watch TV. Generally, speaking about my son came to me with YouTube said dad, you have to see this woman. Vicki Barr Baloch is her name. She's sixty or sixty years old. I'm the sixty one this year here. You're sexy one. Okay. And she came out on stage. And I don't remember who it was Naomi Campbell. Or somebody said what are you going to do? And she said, I'm a ballerina, and she's clearly not about arena and followed that with. No, I'm kidding. I like to eat. So I'm not a ballerina and it went on from there. And she came back. I think two times after that. I think there was you know, I think there was like four more shows till the last final. Okay. And you're now going back for the champion of champions. Where are they? Now, I'm gonna driveway. Out of there. So you know, like, you really you from California. Yeah. You've bene- comedian twenty years twenty years, and you kind of found yourself in a place where you were too old for your own club. I mean, yeah. I mean, I didn't start until I was like nearly forty and I didn't know that was not a good idea. I wouldn't have started. You know, right. I probably would have that. Because I am an idiot. But. And so I was I was having a great time doing it. But when we go what would happen to me like e television would say the next breakthrough from the comedy store. I would go to these agents in Hollywood, and they go, well, we we've we value to your to a there's nothing we can do for you. So I mean, I just I just kept hoping something would happen. But I just Steve Martin said you get so good. They can't ignore you. And that was my only plan just keep doing it. Keep loving it. But I kept thinking maybe Steve was wrong. America's got talent happen. And what happened that show has such a gigantic reach and the people it brought to me it just in Hollywood had to come around your dad. My dad played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He played for the Steelers not bragging Beck. I just wanted you to know. Daughter of an NFL football player looks like. Has no padding. So he had been hit around a lot, you know, leather helmet time for him nine hundred fifty fifty one. And so as I grew up he was Daffy Daffy Daffy, but he was just lots of fun. And you know, he he's just a a great dad, but he was totally Daffy. So where do you get this from your dad or from your mom because you're I think I was also a little fat little kid. I was like hugely fat. It was like two hundred twenty at twelve. And so that was my birthday was one hundred and.

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