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Wow since the nominee is an ominous oliver effort in this case what god so i think the fact that you that you are wearing the shirt on is a good indication that you are perhaps the target market without a four at such an event as force friday walk us through some of the cool thing is that are going to be available in the things that really got you excited oh my gosh okay there are two specific experiences that i definitely want to go into the first one is one that had been announced some months ago but new we really didn't have the nittygritty details of it and that is something that disney has been working on with lenovo it's this a are toy so it has a head said that you slow your smartphone into and using an app on android or i o s you've got a a tracker that's it's on the floor so that the headset knows where you're looking and you have this really awesome looking prop lightsaber that you hold in your hand it's called djeddai challenges and you get to fight people with lightsaber among other experiences and i think that having used it and mike you've also used at a little bit right i have a feeling they're going to sell a ton of these things and that is really going to plant the seeds for later a our experiences in the minds of people yeah for sure so it's like it's first of all it's a it's a ben kenobe light save actually it is the skywalker lightsaber that ray now has a case but that's the one that been that is did he make that it luke make that or to bed make and against guy walker made that then god if mannequin when he almost killed and again on most of our and then been handed down to liu bruce too far and then in episode seven the force awakens moscow nada has it in her junk drawer and ray goes and finds a now that's raise lightsaber i see dumb ike so it with its that lightsaber yeah and then headset has kind of like a sort of like a imperial.

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