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Should've got it right here. We got two more and then i get a tiebreaker. We need it. Michael douglas. Ken griffey klay thompson. Peyton and manning. Mace sons of great athletes all had famous fathers. Michael you just stinking. Clay tights claes birthday today. I didn't do not get got no threat over. I don't even have a spring right there with ya to more mason gets either one. Wins it all right. This is really hard. But i'll see if somebody gets it. I'll do an easier one. I here we go kobe. Bryant ladainian tomlinson. Mike trout wayne. Gretzky will chamberlain anybody ever guest. Koby ladainian tomlinson. Mike trout wayne gretzky. Many times wilt chamberlain many times mesa. Mace doesn't make sense scoring leaders. Yup all and their lease in scoring for an entire season. They don't keep score baseball. We're talking about mike pratt. Is i on three times. He's leading run scorer in major league baseball. All right so mason wins. the game. this was this was retired. I thought it would if you guys. So here's one that you might get but it's really hard. Be the hardest one here. We got julia roberts brad. Pitt reese witherspoon. Bruce willis one known a writer. Tom celik sean. Penn and paul rudd. Wow that this one is hard. Say when we're julia roberts brad. Pitt reese witherspoon. Bruce willis winona ryder. Tom selleck on multiple occasions. Paul rudd on multiple occasions. And sean penn gonna get something totally different. He said they all got nominated for an academy award and didn't win. No they all appeared as guest. Stars on julia. Roberts brad pitt reunited there sense correct. Yeah yeah all on friends so maybe you gotta easy that one up man. Just kill it. It's good no good game easier. What's easier than kevin garnett. Tim duncan kareem and bill russell to a guy that played in the nba. I call state. I'd mason john ireland steve hartman keyshawn johnson. Anybody can guess with common threat. Is our radio hosts all jerks on the radio. Come on gabe was listen to this. Doing mike let me let me give you one. You might be able to get ready. You're ready lebron james. Anthony davis alex. Caruso marquee morris. Come on michael michael. Michael all lakers linzie didn't get that one. You have that let you have that all right guys you very much for being out there. Thanks a lot for. Listen michael thanks for hanging out at the end of the mason ireland play. Your show isn't on until like five thirty and you got there at one. Yeah julie that desperate to get rid of. If i left now i will get it until eight o'clock tonight. Back name morrow at twelve fifty five and coming up next for you is the newly established afternoon drive. Show here on ten. Espn it is sodano. L z and cap stay tuned mason and ireland. Seven ten espn..

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