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They're putting cars to check. Kids left in a car seat. You can use it to detect where people are for accident us. You can actually buyer sells a product that checks for fall detection. There's a lot in the fall detection. Think about things like that's velocity plus knowing where something is in space plus a split. There's no makerfield kevin. They can't that's true but you know what all this reminds me of. It is different. But it reminds me in terms of the applications. It reminds me of lider. Which would have more range but does a very similar type of thing. You're right. And i should say i was talking to actually various one of the sponsors on the show but i was talking to their hard ridge near a couple weeks ago and he said that lighter is coming down so much in price that he's starting to see customers. Look at lighter for some of these same use cases which is just worth noting that makes total sense. Because i mean i remember when allied or sensor would cost thirty thousand dollars and you know if not more obviously but now you have lighter in certain phones and the ipad pro and so on so it obviously has come well well then impress yes so we could see that too in basically all this does is. It allows you to sense things without using cameras bingo. Love it in most people mean but they're not using cameras which means hey no naked pictures of you on the internet but they can gather similar sorts of information so if the algorithm for processing that data is written. They could tell when you were. you know. i always say when you're picking your nose so just keep that in mind that it's not a camera but a computer can read it right right. You can interpolate quite a bit. It's almost like almost like meta data can about your your browsing habits. Someone's afford but what i like about this. I mean when you were to talk about. Why is a little bit more show and use them. As an example the wise scale it uses an algorithm to determine who is actually standing on the scale and pace it on the weight. So you know. There's like a twenty pound difference between me and my wife so when she stands on it. It knows it's her and sends the data to her was when i'm standing on it it quote unquote knows it's me. It interprets that so you could. Have you know these type of solutions in smart home to say oh this taller person. Kevin is the tallest person in the house in a perfect world new. That's not true at all but we can dream. Can't we shock him. Kevin is in this room and his wife is in that room and his daughter is in the other room. So now you can start extrapolating presence detection and so there's there's so much that can be done here. It's true i would. I would call it not taller person. I would be like this shape blob. Yes so we're very excited about this. I think it's worth everyone else. Getting excited the fact that the fcc is opening up this notice of proposed rulemaking signals that this technology is really if not here. Then i'm just going to say here is here okay. Let's talk about encryption. I know that was a lot about our f- sensing because i'm so excited about it. But now ring. Kevin you talk about rings availability for everyone of video for everyone but everyone is ring customer. Yes yes yes so earlier. This year ring launched a technical preview of video end to end encryption and that in the us so as of this week the future is now out of technical preview and it is being expanded to ring custer's around the world not every single country but a large chunk of where rings sells its products. This is good so if you have. Let's say ring doorbell know your video encrypted end to end all that's for privacy. Same with internal cameras getting back to privacy which we just talked about. I still have a problem with this though. Besides being late to the game on us which i can forgive. That's fine. this is an opt in no customer customer protections should be opt in come on ring. Is it lower. Does it lower batteries on the end device usage. I mean it's not. It's not a yacht with you. I'm just trying to think of reasons. Why make sense well. Then it was a poor design of the product to not even think about this. Honestly if you can't have enough compute. Power in their at a low power usage rate to have encryption on something like a camera. And you didn't plan for that so i'm sorry i that's it's just not for crippled to me. Okay so if you had ring doorbells would you recommend people bust in there in ogden. Oh yeah and this is still good news. I don't wanna say boo. This is bad. this is good news. I don't like the approach. This is the heavy-handed amazon approach in my opinion with with sidewalk. You know you have to opt out. We're gonna use what we want. We're to set you up the way we want but yes you absolutely should do some. Why wouldn't you. Why wouldn't you because it takes an extra three or four steps. We're lazy you don't you. Don't want to be subpoenaed for video surveillance footage from somebody and just the or have handed over you know right off the bat it's encrypted. They can't long. I couldn't see it. you know. it's personal choice. But i would use encryption. Yeah me too and this comes on the heels of ring doing a lot more to address. Kind of its. I wanna say collusion with police departments so now if a police department requests ring camera data they actually have to do it in public. So it's a much more transparent. It's not a private kind of request. So i think that's pretty good. They've done a lot here to kind of address. Some of the concerns yay so the bottom line here is when you complain about stuff. That seems really sketchy. They're actually listening on this front. They didn't listen on sidewalk though. Okay let's talk about tractors broken tractors and the biden administration's executive order from last week. Which y'all it is a doozy. There is a lot in here but what we're focusing on. Today is the right to repair so the right to repair is.

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