Vice President, Isis, Syria discussed on WBZ Morning News


The threes in Boston right now. Sunny and seventeen a high today twenty eight and then some snow moving in overnight, especially toward daybreak an inch or two it in many areas. A second storm moving in for the rest of the weekend. Look forward to move in Saturday afternoon into Sunday evening. Vice President Mike Pence says facing criticism this morning for comments he made shortly after an attack on troops in Syria at least nineteen or dead among them for Americans. We're bringing our troops hall. The caliphate has crumbled, and ISIS has been defeated. Now was the vice president speaking to a crowd of ambassadors in Washington. Isis claimed responsibility for it appeared to be the work of a suicide bomber one of those criticizing the vice president is CBS news national security consultant. Retired army Colonel Jeff mccaslin docking. The vice president would make that statement in the aftermath of a number of young Americans. Japan killed by attack suicide bomber which was claimed by ISIS and at the same time, the United States still conducting hundreds of air strikes against ISIS targets in both Syria and Iraq, the bombing killed two US soldiers at American contractor and a US intelligence expert as well as many Syrians, it comes less than a month after President Trump declared. He was pulling out u s forces and that ISIS had been defeated eight thirty six NBA star NS Kanter, the New York Knicks missing a trip team trip to London caused by death threats from the Turkish government. Prosecutors in Turkey accused cantor of being a member of a terrorist group and ev- issued an international warrant for his arrest. We have more from CBS's Steve over Meyer. Knicks trip to London has been.

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