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Lizzy banks more great insight flint taming stuff from her. She'll be putting pressure on us to do was a diary again next year if she writes it with the not being a women's world event and because the two time she's done one, she's won a stage and she was stage four. This year finished twelfth overall in the end But yeah, it's obviously obviously brings her lock. It wish you would bring me a bit more locker today. Why am I not winning to Rosa stages on this every month? Maybe not just By reentry that Dole's for Lizzie to be fair I think it's more. Training and having a press contract and entering the race you know just details. I mean Lizzy lizzy obviously, Co presents our sister brother Sister Sibling podcast service course am, but she I mean apart from being a great writer who's having a brilliant season. She is really becoming a unimportant voice in the media She spoke very eloquently this week of both the Rosa and you're there on your sports does. BREAK BBC today at say on well, Champs. So yeah, great seeing. He's such a good talker. She's so eloquent and she's clearly thought about issues a lot. You know it. She's very satisfying to be for that reason because. Yes just using her brain and it's it's it's a lovely interview to have always an also she's very skilled at angling the camera so that it doesn't include the drying laundry behind her as I discovered from her in story when she was doing. Her interview with me, she pounds her phone around to show. I'm not sure if it was underwear lese or whether it was shorts, I couldn't tell from the picture but either way we didn't see it on air not being anxious, such a pro. PRU. Do. Lizzy if you're listening as you will be. Remember the future is an audio not on screen. We WanNA, keep? On A on the. Sense or I can consider all trying to lure her away to the dark side television. You know you've got good home. Listen. Let's wrap things up. You've got dinner guests. Thing as well. Listen, we'll speak next month. Thank you very much. It's been fun. Thank you rose. It's been more fun than the women's. Right..

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