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A Guy, right lake about this time last year you know we were basking in the glory that Jacovic matches were killing. Then a couple of months later was survivor series. Then you know the Roman reigns rub than the royal rumble then the first champ champion than exte-. Loses dubiously the Karen Cross who's now injured and you know the the worst part about. Dropping a big master dropping title is that like if you don't get to follow up with that Injury or not kind of seems like a little bit of a waste. So, there's lots of trepidation here and could they got a lot of different ways with keithly, but the fact that They're treating him like a big deal. And threw him right into. You know we call John seen the prototype but really it's read your. Really. It's really Randy Orton is like you WanNa make a name especially right now like nobody has been, you know I I could argue nobody in professional wrestling has been doing a better job of being a professional wrestler slash sports entertainer the Randy Orton and. The business I've always seen has never really been about wins and losses. It's always been about positioning. and. Positioning Keith. Lee as a major guy. On the first thunderdome raw. Crappy music aside weird skirt aside the weird bodysuit aside. You're positioning him as. A threat to your? Biggest feel. And the ally to the world champ. You could do a lot worse than that. When it talked about Keithly, a guy who probably would have retired from wrestling maybe eight years ago if he didn't, you know what I mean it was kind of toiling away from the indies like just sitting here and just like looking like. Keithly, randy or a match on wwe pay per view who'd a thunk it? Who WanNa fuck it..

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