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And venezuela to opposition leaders were arrested in the middle of the night this just after president nicolas bureau of government wins a special referendum for a special assembly that will have absolute powers we're talking with anatoly cormon if in caracas right now what's behind the arrests we'll be immediate s reasoning provide about the government's as bad both reserve a leaders elliott put the low percentonal it as mother wanted to house arrest and they broke the terms of their commuted sentence by macomb political speeches in know will banned from politics basically and both of them released a video accusing person madura of station the power grabble electoral fraud all basically mountaineer dictatorship fat but behind this genome would most likely we're seeing in minnesota such a government is trying to a mass as many opening association chips as possible as it prepares to sit down with move us government and try to find some sort of exit from this growing political crisis how devastating are the sanctions that the us impose also so far they have been relatively minor where talk about personal sanctions against prison maduro and by now pretty much his entire cabinet prison trauma has threatened to impose wider sanctions on on been swollen governments to to targeted so vital oil industry so father heaven done dhanbad's bots asthma douro continues to move closer to dictatorship i think it's likely but we'll see more measures coming from washington and exactly why is the us imposing the sanctions concern one of the laws of democracy in venezuela that's the reasoning given by by the trump administration president obama had a sort of soft atagy to have been a soiling crisis he favored negotiations it hasn't worked frankly the government has users negotiations an excuse to buy said more time to regroup and banned to repress with double strengths of trump is play is trying them more kind of heavy approach but they are trying to strike a delicate balance he'll punishing government vowed hertzen leaving his on a calm even more about hurt many so when people have been more because the country on the verge of collapse you're listening to reporters elbow of closer look of her stories making news on wbz newsradio 1030 wbz news time is throw 44 time now for traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on the threes and here is jim ryan update brought.

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