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Hey, I want to cover your first world championship December tenth nineteen seventy-five. Jack Brisco now, there's a decision process going on with the commissions, and in particular, the NWEA commissions in w belt did tell us a little bit about that process. Because you know, it wasn't just like, you know, someone says, hey, great of Terry. Funk was was a champion tickets to that process. I think it was at the most right around thirty. Territories. And then you had a board of directors. That's how the champion was determined was by the board of directors was that was back man and then seventies era and Sam mush neck was the president. And then Sam step town and Fritz became the president. And at that time Jack decided, you know, Jack Benny didn't that road every day and everything and and it just wore him out. You know, in the did, that's the way it was, you know, because like myself I did three hundred ten days out of three hundred sixty five. But that's that's a lot, you know. And it's a lot of a lot of going. And I think it's I I'm sure there's some guys in WW's probably hitting close to that themselves. You know, right now, I don't know. But three. Then was a lot of dog on shots. You know? But any hours Briscoe went ahead me, you know, the championship or Warren mount at wore a mall out over period years, and he was ready to get out from underneath it. And so the two finalists where were men Harley, and there was a tie vote on it and Fritz fun, Eric when they had this is a true story, and my brother and Harley. We're great friends at that. And Harley came up through the school hard. No, absolutely. You know that amp -solutely did and has great of a boy. And a smart of a guy I've ever come across. But it came down to the voting and they were six members. I believe it was and principal came down to a tie is gonna make the deciding vote while it went three and three. So then it left all of the pressure on the France. And he said I'd like to have any more comment, and my brother said, my my brother has a college education, and because they wanted to represent people like, you know, like they're somebody don't miss Sam and still been any on what happened at that time. That was the determining factor 'cause Fritz wanted somebody with. College education. And that's why I was picked over Harley, and I don't think arly my brother talked sensitive when I did not I'll tell you. What is I love a boat? Absolutely. And I really do. I love them both guys. And and that that was really it was a tough deal for me. I wanted it wasn't is just one. I was I worth the trouble to go ahead or worth the friendship or where you're wait, a rock and hard place. But you know, you if push comes to shove, I'd rather have the belt that not have it. I mean, if for Minnesota lection process and my personal up against Harley race, I would rather have it than Harley, but the responsibilities go with that Terry. You talked about your travels on the road in the world champion is a lot different than the other guys. I mean, everybody's beaten down road. It is a grind it's physical. It's mental stressful for everybody. But that world shave in many times, he's. Traveling by himself. I mean because he's going to be in different gigs booked in different places. One of the things that I read you used to do when you pass through Dallas, would you? Somebody smart you up to just getting on the tram which circle the airport, and instead of checking until hotel room, you would you would get on the tram and get you, you know, four five six have made hours sleep. Yeah. That's exactly right..

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