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You see the quickness, you know, in his route running ability, and they'd be the ability to separate there. But you also see that four four eight speed when he does have the ball on his hands. And he's looking to hit that extra gear and separate and create some big plays with the ball on his hand. So I think everything that you see there looks really good. And so when you look at his his short shuttle time of four point one four it was the fifth fastest in at the combine that generally bodes well because Shanahan loves play. That can separate and deebo Samuel can do that his short shuttle time in short area quickness proves that. But when you look at the comparison to someone like PR zone, you look at their physical comp and you look at their combine or testing numbers. They're both five eleven they're both around to ten. They both have about thirty one inch arms Garson Renna four four to forty deebo Renna four for eight. If you look at their ten yards splits Garson ran a one five flat deebo Renna one five six Carson had a thirty six inch vertical depot had a thirty nine. So he's a little bit more explosive. Garson ran a four dot one nine short shuttle deebo four one four so he's a little quicker in the short area. I mean, you you just go down the line at their physical calms and their carbon copies of each other with Garcia, and I think being a little faster straight line. Deebo may be a little better in short area. Yeah. I think that's probably the key especially younger, some you know, as we've talked about before could could get down the field, more and could be more of a big play threat on kind of vertical routes. I don't think that depot's quite that guy. But we'll save that for the later section for where he wants. And he's built like a running back. You look at in the mock draftable comp and it's time Gumri another famous running back to wide receiver to running back to receiver prospect. And he I mean, he is built as milestone and Finally I would say like a brick shit house. So he he's he's a big, dude. He's built like running back and he runs like to right? I think the kind of moving onto the next area. He also produced at a very high level, which is is really good. So, you know, I think when you look overall in this class, you know, he his production was up there in it's always tough with wide receiver production because you know, some of that can be dictated by the scheme that they're in. How many other talented players? They have around them. You see that at places like Ohio State? We talked about worry. They just have so many weapons offensively that no one players production is necessarily so outsized that it stands out. But then you get players like deebo Samuel where he is very clearly. Kind of the best weapon that they have it wide receiver gets a lot of targets thrown his way and was able to go and do a lot with those targets. And so, yeah, I think when you look at his grades over the course of his career, you know, one of the higher three year grades in this draft class, you know, was right in in the same range as guys like AJ Brown, Akil, Harry. I think the one area that really stands out that he was very very good at it was on slant routes. He was the highest graded receiver on slant. Routes over his three years in in college. They're only fourteen receptions on them. So it wasn't necessarily something that was a high volume route for him but three hundred fifty six yards on those routes on those receptions, two hundred and fifty three of those came after the catch and one hundred thirty six after contact. So it was just very very efficient and productive. When when he was able to get the ball in his hands quickly in make stuff happen after the catch and the cherry on top of that slammed Sunday is that twelve. Twelve of those fourteen catches went for first downs or touchdowns. So he basically produced I mean, he was a slight machine, and he performed very very well on that route overall he had eleven touchdowns for South Carolina last year and average nine point six yards after the catch. He averaged nine point six yards after the catch. And that's not just because he was catching a bunch of bubble screens and smokescreens he got he did get a lot of screens his way. Definitely. But you look at a play.

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