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Zuerlein away with the with the twist shot. They went with the old school and number 19 for Texas. I don't have his name yet, but he recovers it. Texas will have the bowl at the opposing 40 yard line as well. It is not done yet as we talk about it, maybe Longhorn lost. This team still has A breath of fresh air and the gander down by eight point question. Wait. I'm sorry, folks. This is is the world one of emotions do. We could keep talking like they're done way. Keep talking. Like maybe right now we got it. You got to start talking like they were looking at Mickey Mantle. Mickey Mantle would never say it's over. We are we are We're still talking like they still have a chance because they're inside the 50 yard line of Texas Tech inside the 50 yard line. Sam Gallagher is going back to pass. He's scrambling. He's looking. He's looking. He's looking and he's got Oh gain about three yards, but still I've been a whole bunch of time in this game. You know, it's in three minutes and 23 seconds. It's interesting. The point well made about the eligibility because that brings in a lot of factors next year because If Sam decides to come back next season. There are a plethora of quarterbacks waiting in Texas between Hudson card. Oh, yeah. Quentin Jackson. And then in two years we get we got Quinn yours, the number one player in the land that is waiting his turn. It brings in a lot of questions. If Tom Herman he needs I, obviously he's looking towards this year, but he needs to stack is his deck accordingly. Because let's say C'mon, you want to come into the year huts and card who is a D one caliber quarterback right now, What does he do? That's right. What to do. We could tell you right now The Longhorns are driving there inside the 25. Under two minutes to play, and they trailed by eight points to Texas Tech. We've got the news coming up very, very soon. We'll have the results of this game after this, but the Longhorns are driving. They just recovered an onside kick their down 56 to 48 in logic to Texas Tech Texas Tech After scoring at about four minutes to play in the game, had this well in hand. The Longhorns drive. They score a touchdown, and now the Longhorns have the ball as they are trying to get. Another store to try to go for a two point conversion. Let me askyou popular quick is you're the expert you've been around for 85 years. If taxes were to win this game, no matter if they come back from You know how many points? If they're to win this game by one point, if they were to win this this division, can they make the playoffs? Undefeated? Yes, A win is a win, and we've got a break with the news after the news, Maura on this Longhorn game, they trailed by a less than two minutes to play. I met Clements, along with Ben Clements will be back after the news With more on the end zone club here on news radio. 5 90 k. L. B. J will be back right after the news. Roger Stern. Democrats are speaking out about Judge Amy Cockney Barrett. President Trump's choice for the Supreme Court, California Congressman Eric Swalwell tells America's news headquarters on Fox..

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