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Tesco como news your your political insights from ABC news coming from a protest outside South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham's office and its echoed by more than one hundred eighty protests nationwide Tuesday the protesters demanding the closure of migrant detention facilities at the border and an immediate stop to funding of family detention and deportation this has more members of Congress visit the detention centers themselves including Florida congresswoman Frederica Wilson regard and customs officials meanwhile have confirmed undocumented immigrants have started to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for living in the U. S. illegally in the battle for president trump's taxes the house ways and means committee has now filed a lawsuit against the treasury department and the IRS demanding they hand over six years of the president's tax returns the suit now taking that fight to federal court does your political insights Trevor all to ABC news president trump has set his eyes on twenty twenty tweeting about the democratic debate ABC's line as Jack reports from the White House with the first round of democratic debates beginning to weed out contenders president trump is tweeting about his own debating skills today reading quotes as most people are aware according to the polls I won every debate and Mr trump is also assessing the new democratic contenders in comparison to Hillary Clinton rating quote this crew look somewhat easier than cricket but you never now new poll data coming out shows at the first round of debates provided a boost to several democratic candidates including Kamilla Harris and Elizabeth Warren one is that K. B. C. news the White House.

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