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I think it's still pretty much slants goes, but you're still calling different play on first down instead of running it. You're throwing it. So that is that. The sequence of the play calling work with that still plan calling. That's still improved play. Call changing. They're not changing. They didn't throw any new wrinkles out there. They just call the plays in a different sequence. But they did they they brought Noah Brown in failed miserably he had a bad game. But he'll get back to it. They actually used rod Smith as an h back quite a bit in this game. That was the good rank coal in that something that they could use a little bit more. What else did they do? They ran the Lenihan special on first down instead of third fifteen. I mean, they ran it on third long as well. But they also ran it on I now. They ran the wide receiver screen. I will say that. The tunnel. Screens. Our guests are something. We haven't seen that is an improvement in the play calling. But I just didn't feel like song it still. But it still wasn't different in. It's not gonna change. I don't I didn't expect it to. It's just a sequence that instead of going into this game going. We're going to run the ball to set up the pass. It's like they flipped it. They finally figured it out that. We figured out that in the NFL you need to pass the ball to set up the run. Yes. And through eight weeks, they had not figured that out whatsoever. They were still Connor Connor. This is running football team. If the running full team you have to run the ball set up the path while running the most stupid in the NFL in less, you inlet if you cannot pass the ball running the ball as meaningless whatsoever. So. That's I. Yeah. I mean, I absolutely agree with you. You have to be able to open up run lanes. You have to be able to spread the field. And about the bid something that they did this week was they got hat on hat. They made it to the second level. They were aggressive while run blocking may weren't catching people. And that's the biggest difference. I saw is. They were just mulling people again, which we haven't seen all year. So they might be able to keep it up. I felt like there was much less pressure in Dak Prescott faith this week. And that's that's just part of of them not being bitches. And let's talk about the let's talk about real quick before we go to break. They did use Noah Brown. He had a dreadful game two penalties in. I'm not sure snap count that hasn't come out yet. But it will be fine. I don't know, man. I mean, he's he's not going to do much as a receiver. But he's just gotta be smarter out. He had do could do things as receiver. And also one thing I wanted to talk about RIC the guy hasn't played since last hair like at all he's been injured. He needs to get back up to speed. And that's all it was when he got into position. He did find the blocker. The issue was that he couldn't get into position. He he didn't have a good in the of false start illegal motion of and then he had the holding on the disease Grun picked up I want to fourteen and again he hasn't played in a while. I get that. But I just don't day. I wanna say a three schnaps I noticed him on. And I I went through the all twenty two today watched a lot of it not quite finished yet. But was the of course, the illegal formation. You saw that the hold on the run that they ran that crack toss outside of he ended up holding on that. And then the. Of the the first play of the second half where they were in the the old naked bootleg? About ended Prescott career. Those are the three snacks. Remember mon. So I don't know. I just wish they'd get a little bit..

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