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Familiar with thyroid cancer you've never heard of this it is an internal radiation where you take a pill and it makes your entire body it's radioactive literally you cannot be near another human being for three days and so you have to also go off your thyroid hormone so after you get taken out you have to be on a thyroid supplement for the rest of your life and in order for thyroid cells react to iodine i don you would get insult but what i realized is that is actually in everything now it's just an all foods because we eat a lot of processed foods are packaged foods just in general like even if you eat a little snack bar it has iodine in it and so you have to abstain from all in your diet and then you have to go off of your thyroid hormones for six weeks which basically means like your body is dying because you have no metabolism now your heart rate's not regulated as it should like it's a really bad scene and then after your body is completely depleted of thyroid hormone for six weeks then they give you that pill which is fine and it's filled with radiation and you take it and it kills off any remaining cells that are related to the thyroid did it work it you know it works i didn't have that was in nineteen ninety nine i have not had a return of the cancer since i did actually refuse follow up treatment because the the trauma of the initial treatment was so much that i said i'm not going through this again so i found an integrative medical doctor who agreed with me because of my age because i was so young and young people tend to bounce back much faster than people who are older and also changed my lifestyle one hundred percent and so with those two things together he made an agreement with me that i wouldn't have to go through that same radioactive process again that would scare me it would scare me either way yeah you know and i just i trusted my body and i think because i delved deeply into healing especially with ira riddick medicine especially with lifestyle changes and a shocker journey i completely turned around the process of my body mind soul spirit relationships everything i changed everything in my life and i believe that.

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